Chapter Titles

1.  Why I Wrote This Book

2.  Who Really Wrote Those Books?

3.  Do They Agree?

4.  Are You Saved?

5.  Failed Prophecies

6.  Ahead of Her Time?

7.  What About Those Miracles?

8.  Who Was That Young Man?

9. NEW: Do God's Prophets Take Advice from the Dead

10.  The Great Disappointment

11. Karaite Jews and October 22, 1844

12. Caution! Handle With Care!

13. A Word to Aspiring Prophets




White Out
by Sydney Cleveland
235 pages, $14.95

Sydney Cleveland was a fourth generation Seventh-day Adventist, served as an ordained pastor in the SDA church for ten years. He began to see many inconsistencies in relating the writings of Ellen G. White to the Bible and left the church in 1990. Most Adventists have no idea of the many contradictions between the writings of Ellen G, White and the Bible. Many do not want to know. However, for those who are seeking truth at all costs this is a well documented, "must read" book.

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