Chapter Titles

1.    A Prophet amount Prophets

2.    A Disappointing Start

3.    The Shut Door Prophetess

4.    The Israel Dammon Trial

5.    The Turner Incident

6.    The Prophet's Wrath

7.    Civil War Prophetess

8.    Health Reform or Health Myth?

9.    More Disappearing Books

10.  The Great Controversy Myth

11.  Prophetess at War

12.  Alterations, Revisions, Changes

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White Out
by Dirk Anderson
160 pages, 9.95


What makes a person turn 180 degrees in his religious beliefs? The answer for hundreds of Seventh-day Adventist pastors and many thousands of Adventist members is often the same: the weight of evidence. Dirk Anderson’s revised White Out is a timely work that reveals many more of the “facts of Adventism” that have been “witted out” from official denominational history.

Dr. Anderson, a former ardent supporter of Ellen White, decided to take her advice. She said that her writings could stand the test of investigation. He investigated and found that they were so riddled with problems that he felt called to expose the many “white outs” in Adventist history.

White Out is a book that will be loved by former Adventists because they will have even more evidence to justly free themselves from the bondage and false guilt of accumulated years of feeding on “The Testimonies of Sister White".

White Out will be a challenge for Adventist leaders for it exposes, with extensive documentation, the deception regarding Ellen White that has been, and continues to be, harbored at the central core of the Adventist church.

White Out covers a wide range of subject matter as it relates to Ellen White and her writings. The facts brought to light are vastly different from what is taught in “Spirit of Prophecy Classes” in Adventist education. If it were not for the fact that Ellen White claimed divine inspiration for her writings, often stating that she received her information directly through visions from God or in conversations with “her angel”, one would think it unfair to treat a deceased religious leader of her reputation with such scrutiny. Yet not to do so is to continue the “white out”.

Many former Adventists have seen that the unique teachings of Adventism stand or fall with Ellen White because they cannot be clearly derived from Scripture without making copious and unwarranted assumptions. For this reason church administrators continue to face the dilemma of how to deal with the growing weight of evidence that proves her writings are untrustworthy. Perhaps White Out will be the final pound that tips the now heavily weighted scale toward administrative honesty.
—Dale Ratzlaff

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