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Truth Led Me Out

by Dale Ratzlaff

160 pages, 12.95


Many people have asked me why a fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist pastor would leave the Adventist denomination. For Adventists who see themselves as the “true remnant church of Bible prophecy”, the only answer that fits their theological paradigm is apostasy. This is why I am continually being accused of leaving because I wanted to live in open sin. When I respond that I left because of thorough Bible study and a desire to be true to my conscience, I am often met with a blank, questioning stare. For many this is simply incomprehensible. How can one leave “the truth” and not go into error? I have written this book for three main reasons.

      First, Truth Led Me Out, is my life story—well, at least a good part of it. I know that after I am no longer here the Adventist church will—if it follows its historical pattern—try to rewrite my history. For this reason, I have included the events, discoveries, conversations, names and places that played a factor in my decision. By listing the actual names of people with whom I interacted in this journey, it is not my intent to assign blame or imply evil motive. Many acted out of their own understanding of truth or assigned administrative responsibility. Rather, I list these facts for the sake of history.

      Second, because I have authored several other books and have written dozens of articles on Adventist issues, many people have asked me about the details of my exodus. Rather than answer the hundreds of emails and letters in a very cursory way, I felt writing out my experience would give these inquiries a more complete picture, and also save me a lot of time.

      Third, there may be some who read this book in order to discover truth or discern error. Perhaps it will motivate them to do their own diligent study and to draw their own conclusions about Adventism and the simple, new covenant gospel of God’s grace in Christ. It is my settled conviction that truth needs no other foundation than honest investiga­tion under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a willingness to follow truth when it is revealed. It is my prayer that the reader will be led to a closer relationship with the living Christ and be guided by the Holy Spirit in his/her own diligent Bible study in search for truth.

In His joy,
Dale Razlaff
January, 2008

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