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Friends believe I am going to receive the 'mark of the beast' for rejecting EG White

I'm emailing you first of all to thank you for your site. I also would love to hear from someone else who is a former SDA. I live in New Zealand and come from a 3 or 4 generation SDA family. About 5 years ago I started studying the Bible and the beliefs of the SDA church. From many many hours of studying into the beliefs of the SDA church I found that it didn't all line up with the Bible. My difficulty is that I have no one to talk to about this, my family and friends will not listen to any questions I have and will not talk to me about how I feel about the SDA church. Almost everyone I know is an SDA. I have now stopped going to the SDA church and feel very alone. Being in a small country I know of no one else who has left the church for the reasons I have (ie from studying the beliefs of the church). Almost every day I am being pressured from family and friends who believe I am going to recieve the 'mark of the beast' for rejecting EG White and not going to an SDA church. I am at the point where it is seeming easier to just be an SDA even though I'm sure it is not biblical. I understand you are probably very busy and get many emails. But if you could provide any help it would be greatly appreciated. (We did)

I knew to be true but couldn't quantify

Thanks for your generosity. I am enjoying the truths found in Sabbath in Christ. You have given me the information I needed to explain to Sabbatarians what I knew to be true but couldn't quantify. I have relatives and correspondents who hold to the 4th commandment. They have intimidated me with their knowledge of the Bible. I could 't counter their arguments. However, thanks to your book, I have been able use their own scriptures to show the unreliability of their position. Even though I approach them in love, and only state what "I believe" not what they should believe.

The EGW prophecies are "in play"

Dale,...there is NOW an active Sunday Law movement in this country. The EGW prophecies are "in play". I would suggest to you that "denial" is not a wise option. You say that you would not back a Sunday Law, Saturday Law, etc...Do you still believe that "neutrality" on the subject that the various Beast powers want to to enforce IS STILL an option for you? Do you believe it will be that way forever? I know the future, for I told people way back in 1983 when I first joined God's Remnant Church that Sunday Laws would be an "issue" in the last days. Oh yea, Dale, they used to laugh at me (you would have enjoyed seeing it), however, when I know show them "Dies Domini" along with articles from TIME magazine and others, they do not seem to laugh at me any more. There is no "dirt" on Ellen White, only on your hateful and un-believing attitide towards the "Spirit of Prophecy". She operated quite well within the parameters of a prophet of God. Do you hate her because she is getting it right and you are not, brother? Are you eager to join with the Beast power Sunday Law people? I am sure they call themselves "Christian" even as they work to undermine religious liberty in this country. Do you consider them "Christian brothers"? Will you join them, Dale? Please review the horrible cruelties of all that has been done in the name of "Jesus". "...and the deadly wound shall be healed..." God's message is to come out of that! Will you? Please consider....In Christ, G. H.

Dale, how do you explain Matthewe 24:20?

I've read the latest edition of Proclamation!, and enjoy it for the most part. Taking into mind your stand on the Sabbath, how do you explain Jesus' comment to His disciples in Matthew 24:20 "But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day"? Just curious. S.

Answer: Read Sabbath in Christ, p. 351-357

What an educational book

At the beginning when I heard the word “cultic” (from your book on Cultic Doctrine of SDAs), I must confess I was just plain shocked; however, since you recommended it, I decided to read it...You definitely put your teachings in just plain understanding words. Needless to say I no longer believe E.G. White to have been a true prophet sent from God. Although I have always questioned her teachings on the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary and investigative judgment, It used to be so clear with her teachings of “Sabbath being the real test for last day remnant”. Then I read your book “Sabbath in Christ”. What an educational book. You are so clear in guiding the reader to understand the new covenant, especially as it relates to the Sabbath. There are so many Bible verses that have a new meaning now that I start to understand what the new covenant is all about. “...and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!" I have been reading the Bible like I have never read it before, since I used to read it most of the time with E.G. White’s help books. Every time the Holy Spirit leads me to see something I had not seen before I jump and thank and praise my Jesus for it. I am also reading a lot of material from your site which has been very informative and encouraging. I just ordered two more books; looking forward to reading them, as soon as I receive them. U. O.

Get out of Babylon or else...

I'm being courted (so-to-speak) by people from 3ABN. Their pastors are giving me an ultimatum to get outta Babylon or else... I don't have the funds to send in support now, but please help me...They sound so convincing!!! K.L.

Recommended me to withdraw my membership in SDA instead of asking questions.

Dale, I also like to tell you that because of my questions the Conference president strongly recommended me to withdraw my membership in SDA instead of asking questions. This he did in a letter to me and on my question confirmed it in board meeting in the local congregation. Just so you know. I have asked the SDA- Norwegian Conference question about Rev. 14:6-12, which they so far do not want to answer. Because of my questions the Conference has warned the pastors against me. My question to SDA is this:
1) Why does the SDA Bible Commentary not mention the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their explanation of the meaning of the first angels message in Rev 14, verses 6 and 7, but only the proclaiming of investigative Judgment SDA teach started in 1844?
2) How can you be so sure that the expressions “the commandments of God” has to point to the Decalogue with a special focus on the fourth commandment, and not to God’s teaching about salvation in general?
3) Why cannot the expressions “the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus” be parallel expressions (parallelism), that both expressions have the same meaning, namely the teaching about Jesus?
Because of this and my explanation of Matt. 5:17 and Eph. 2:15 I am declared persona non grata. Despite of this my explanation of the Bible texts is approved by the laity in general. But a few of the pastors agree with my understanding of central Bible texts as important for the traditional SDA teaching, but they are afraid to acknowledge it for other pastors or the laity in the congregation.
I do not write English so good but I hope you can understand what I try to say. God bless you. Willy Brochs [He asked that his name be included]

The "Clear Word" was commissioned by God Himself.

The "Clear Word" was commissioned by God Himself. And please remove me from your e-mail list since I don't support your "ministry." Thanks A. A.

We will also do our part here in Asia

Dear Dale, Thank you for this update. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry. We will also do our part here in Asia to expose the heresy of the Seventh-Day Adventist cult group.

The Word of GOD slices through it like a laser beam.

I just finished reading your response to Clifford Goldstein's Graffiti book. Goldstein has absolutely no credibility with me anymore. He read your book, The Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-day Adventist, and he knows full well what you meant about the "Pre Advent" judgment. For him to twist what you laid out in your book and then poke fun at you as being "hilarious" for insinuating something that you never said in the first place is a bare faced lie. He just further amplifies my conviction that the leaders and "movers and shakers" of SDAdventism are liars and deceivers. No matter what kind of spin the SDA church with or without DARCOM puts on the subject, the Word of GOD slices through it like a laser beam.

Please let us study the scripture prayerfully

Hi Brother Dale, Thank you for your always e-mails. Are you indeed sabaterian, if so please let me know. I am keeping the sabbath and from your teachings it seems the sabbath ended on the cross which I do not believe. Please let us study the scripture prayerfully and the Lord will not miss to reveal to us. Thank you and have a happy sabbath. A Loving brother in God`s providence. Y.

Thanks for your newsletters and Proclamation!

Dear Dale and Carolyn: Thanks for your newsletters and Proclamation! I am sending another small donation to the mailing address. I fellowship with a Messianic congregation and we worship on Saturday for the purpose of witnessing to unbelieving Jews ( but not because we are required to by God). I went on a mission trip to Israel this summer and had the blessing of seeing several Jewish people come to faith in Jesus as Messiah. As a former SDA, I am continuing to study the Bible with three of my SDA friends. The Holy Spirit has brought them to accept Salvation by Grace only and that the Bible alone is sufficient. The freedom to worship Jesus in Spirit and Truth has brought new joy into their lives. Praise The Lord! Thanks for your love for The Truth. Blessings, J. B.

I want one in my library

Thanks. I cannot tell you how much it helped me to read this book. [Sabbath in Christ ] I want one in my library, and one to loan out. You are in my prayers. J. C.

You are doing a great work that needs to be done

Thanks Dale. It was a pleasure to meet you. You are doing a great work that needs to be done. S. S.

I figured that this must be a faulty translation

Dear Brother Dale, I want to thank you so much for your books. I was 3rd-gen on my mom's side and at least 4th-gen on my dad's. Church school from 1st-grade through college. I was a good kid and tried several times to accept Jesus as my personal Savior, but I couldn't sem to stop sinning and would figure that I must not have been sincere. I ended up leaving the church because I figured I was wasting both my and the church's time. I always felt an empty spot in my heart though. My job takes me away from home, sometimes for several days at a time. I figured that seeing as how I was always just spending my evenings in a motel room that maybe I'd get a Bible and see if I could let God have another chance at me. I didn't plan on anything but going back to the Adventist church. Now, the language in the King James version is beautiful and lyrical, but so is French and I don't understand that either. So I bought a New Century translation. I was reading Romans and realized that this was not what I'd been taught in school. I figured that this must be a faulty translation, so I bought an NIV. Different wording but the same message. Oh-Oh. Went and bought a NRSV. Guess what. Bought a NKJV. Now I'm stuck with four "faulty" bibles. Imagine my shock when I read Hebrews 8, 9, and 10.

Bottom line, this started me doing a whole lot of reading and searching the internet. I talked with a friend from academy whose whole family had left the church. I was convinced that the IJ was unsupportable from Scripture, but what about Sabbath? I ended up with your book. [Sabbath in Christ] Actually, Cultic Doctrine as well. And I've listened to your lecture on Galatians more times than I can count.

Please don't get me wrong. I didn't start out looking for a reason to leave the Adventist church. I talked to the local pastor about my problems with some of the doctrines. He gave me both of Clifford Goldstein's books. I've listened to so many sermons and lectures from SDA pastors (both historic and evangelical). I've tried to be open-minded and give all sides their chance of making their case. But I've finally found the real Jesus Christ and He has so changed my life. I've never read the Bible like this before. Instead of reading a chapter and just skimming so I can get my daily Bible study out of the way, I find myself reading whole books of the Bible at a time. I can't put this book down. I know that Christ is my salvation and not the "ledger" of my works vs my sins. I know that God doesn't need me to vindicate His character and plans to the rest of the universe. The Bible tells me that I've been pardoned whereas the Adventist church told me that I'm only on parole. I didn't mean to go on and on but I just wanted to thank you for the help that you've provided me during this little journey that I've been on. Your brother in Christ. (asked to have name withheld)

It is certainly an eye opener! (From SDA Conference Administrator)

Dale, I' m enjoying your book Sabbath in Christ and I m going through it for the third time but slowly in order to get into the concepts and reasoning. It is certainly an eye opener and good resource for the Sabbath issue. By the way I have received my two copies of Proclamation! and I m enjoying them as well.... Lots of love and may God continue to bless you in your wonderful ministry.


Thanks for all the great work you do! C.S.

Keep up the ministry!

It is a hard battle, but one definitely worth the fight. E.S.

I've found no reason to change

...We did have very good teachers, and from them I learned that I may trust the Bible, and that Mrs. Ellen G. White was, indeed, an inspired messenger of the Lord... Since then I have had almost 60 years for further study of the Bible and the writings of Mrs. White, but I've found no reason to change from that which I was taught at PUC. However, I have seen many changes come into our Church, and some not for the better; and particularly since the "Ford Fiasco:" Worldliness being the most obvious...Also are enclosed cards for Amazing Facts Bible Studies and Mrs. White's comments relative to conscience. I suggest that you give serious consideration to these. C.B., Collegedale, TN

The devil has blinded your eyes

The devil has blinded your eyes, spiritual and hardened your heart to accomplish his purpose in fighting against God. Daniel predicted the dragon, Satan and the devil to instigate the abolishing of times (the 7th day Sabbath) and LAWS (the 10 Commandments) and place himself above the Almighty, the Great Creator. S.P., Sun Valley, CA

Four of the pastors have left the ministry

Thank you for your telephone call today and taking our order for five more White Washed books. Recently we mailed all we had in stock to pastors with whom we correspond. As I mentioned to you we have over 85 pastors, leaders and members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with whom we have actively corresponded for over four years. We learned a few weeks ago that four of the pastors had left the ministry ....I would love to believe that ______ and I had some influence in their departure and that something we may have written to them was the tipping point that caused them to leave this denomination....

You would make a good Baptist

Please do not send us anymore of your literature. You are not SDA but would make a good Baptist.

If only more souls could enjoy that real Sabbath!

Dear Dale, I have been meaning to write to you for some time …You don’t know me; however you and I both went to Modesto Union Academy at the same time. I was in grade school. I vividly remember your quiet leadership and overall conduct as a young student, even though I was only a 5th & 6th grader that I admired greatly. That admiration hasn't diminished through the years knowing of the work you have done and are still doing. Your books, articles and leadership at Proclamation! has been outstanding. Many of our friends heave been blessed, along with us, with the direction and guidance you have given us these past years. However, the greatest gift you have given me was printing the article that Stan Rohe wrote regarding his discovery through Proclamation!, of the true Gospel! Stan and I were pals in grade school and later with our wives in College. When I read his story, I couldn't get in touch with him fast enough. We hadn't seen each other over 40 years. Since making contact, we’ve enjoyed getting together and sharing our experiences with our wives. Rejoicing in the Lord we have a common bond in Him.
Dale, I wanted to personally thank you for your steadfastness, dedication and direction in allowing so many ex Adventists to find their proper roots in the gospel of our Lord and Savior. Your work on broadening the Sabbath from a 24 hour duty, to a total rest in Jesus Christ that lasts 24/7 and forever, is brilliant. If only more souls could enjoy that real Sabbath! Keep up the wonderful work and your staff are doing. And if you are ever in our area and need a place to stay, we would be honored to have you abide with us. L. N. Napa, CA   [Thanks for such a kind letter! --Dale]

We were blown away... We found Jesus.

My family and a few others quit attending the Adventist church and started studying in our home. We wanted to find out what the Bible really taught. We were blown away. We learned about a different (and we believed true) gospel. We found Jesus. What we didn't know was that there were others who believed like us. Then one day while I was visiting someone's house, I picked up Proclamation!. I was so excited. I had discovered a whole bunch of people who had found the same truths. So we weren't crazy! Thank you for sharing what you have learned. My problem is the Sabbath. I was trying to share my new beliefs with a family member. I told them that the Sabbath was a shadow of Jesus who was the reality, and that we could now find our rest in Him. She told me that the Law was given at creation (Gen 2:2). I don't find the law there, but I did see that God made the day holy (NIV). How do I answer her on this point? The second problem came when she said that people kept the Sabbath before the 10 commandments. She used Ex 16:23 to prove this (when the Israelites had to gather extra manna for Sabbath). I don't know how to answer this point either. I do believe that the Sabbath was part of the Old Covenant. I believe that the New Covenant law is the Spirit working in us and guiding us. I believe a new and better rest is found in Jesus. In Heb. 3:12-4:11 I see that while the Israelites were keeping the Sabbath, they were not in God's rest. I just don't know how to answer the two points above. Can you help me?

Yes, Read Sabbath in Christ or the three other books we have on that topic in our bookstore

I am free for the past year.

Dear Dale, I am very thankful for your website and your publication: Proclamation. I am also a former SDA of 35 years. I am free for the past year. My only concern is that in South Africa I am not aware of an alternative church to attend on Sabbaths. I am still “convinced” that the Sabbath is valid. I would like your opinion on that. [Read Sabbath in Christ--Dale]

They stopped all contact with me

Hello! I am new to the SDA faith and it has taken me a while to get your information and address. I asked two dear SDA friends of mine if they had heard of you and they said "yes" then stopped all contact with me. So that made me all the more determined to find out why the mention of your name causes others to shun me. I pray you will help me sort things out as I am very confused. Please put my on the mailings list ASAP to received Proclamation!. Any tracts you send would be great too. W. C. N. was incredibly moving!

Dear Mr. Ratzlaff, It was wonderful to speak with you the other evening. I wanted to let you know that I did order your book, Cultic Doctrine. I also watched the video of the Worldwide Church of God, and you were so RIGHT!...It was incredible moving! I so appreciate your alerting me because I can recommend that video to so many people...the contrast between how Adventist and Worldwide Church leaders and hierarchy handled uncomfortable truths and unscriptural doctrines is sunning! I did not know that this kind of courage even EXISTED. It was extremely encouraging and inspiring to see truth pursued with such single-minded courage. Didn't these people have such a sweetness about them? D.O. CA

I only had 2 hours sleep

Good Morning Brother Dale, Yesterday when I went home, my wife gave me a package. When I open the package I was pleasantly surprised and blessed because the package was the book Sabbath in Christ. I was really excited and started reading it. The only complaint I have is that right now I am very sleepy all because of this book. From the time I received the book yesterday evening, I eagerly started reading the book. I only had 2 hours sleep last night. I am at chapter 11 and I must say that you have done a wonderful job in examining the Sabbath issue from a Scriptural perspective. Anyway brother Dale, I want to say a big thanks for sending the book free of cost. No doubt I'll be sharing the information from the book with other believers in the Defending the Faith Ministries. Thanks, R.

We have the whole thing backwards (SDA Pastor)

I have been visiting your website and others like it for over two years. I am an Adventist pastor in the __________ conference where I have served for ___ years. I was raised an historic Adventist, but I have been on a journey out of the church for several years, primarily because I sense our painful failings in the area of the gospel and the assurance of salvation. Motivationally we have the whole thing backwards and I have seen and experienced the emotional carnage that results! .... I am waiting on the Lord and trying not to move too fast. I could use some wise counsel and your prayers.

First, let me thank you so much for your website and ministry!

Hi Dale, First, let me thank you so much for your website and ministry! It has helped me tremendously even though I have been out of the SDA church since 1998. It's also helped my husband to understand more about SDA, as an evangelical who is grounded in the truth of the gospel. S.

Sir: Remove my name

Sir: Remove my name from your mailing list. I am not the least bit interested in your magazine. I do not want it disgracing my mailbox. Your Judeo-christian slop is not wanted here. And by the looks of the pictures, your "mixed multitude" of "believes" is totally in conflict with what the Scripture teaches. Keep your lies out of my face. Yahweh curse you for pushing these pagan lies, K. G.

Where do I go from here?

Dear Sir, I am so discouraged with Adventists. Where is the true church? I came out of the Catholic Church where it was "Mary, Mary, Mary." In the Adventist church is it "Ellen White says..., Ellen White says..." I want to be in a church who says "Jesus says..." I'm so tired of hearing from E. White. As for her visions. Every time someone starts a new church he/she has a vision. Mormons had a vision, Herbert Armstrong had a vision, the Catholic Church had 100 saints who had a visions. In the Adventist church it is money and works. There is no "done". The minute you come in the church is it money for something. And the veggie healthfood made as the veggie Jesus. I see no Holy Spirit, no joy. I am tired of the doors of the sanctuary. All this teachings takes one's eyes off Jesus. The doors to the sanctuary, the cleansing of the heavenly investigative judgment. The Pharisees tied heave burdens on the Jews. The Adventists tie heavy burdens on the people. I put my trust in Jesus and His shed blood...The Adventist church is proud to be the only true church, they act so high and mighty. I am so tired of all the padlocks. If I am not keeping the Sabbath I am not a Adventist--Where do I go from here? Please tell me. Thank You. H. B.

You have been deceived by your Father the devil.

There are so many things I could point out to you where you have totally misinterpreted the scriptures, but I choose to let it be said this way. You have been deceived by your father the devil and unless you confess and not lead others astray, you will received the terrible rewards of the wicked. I have long learned this about a spiritual walk with God. Unless we humble ourselves and become teachable we cannot be taught or be followers of God.

Scripture will never convince those from any cult.

...Yet the SDA leadership continues to retain Ellen G. White on their "prophet pedestal" for removing her would cause the denomination to crumble and result in financial ruin. They churn out her writings--re-editing, repacking, putting them on CD's and it is the doctrines of EGW they elevate over the doctrines of the Holy Scriputre...Yet test upon text, scripture upon scripture will never convince those from any cult that their belief system is false. Dr. Randall Pirce said, "To minds that have been conditioned against critical thinking regarding their religion, no explanation is reasonable or welcome." D. S.

You will pay the supreme price.

It is hard to even imagine the mixed up things you people are putting out! You will pay the supreme price some day for leading people away from truth...E.L.

If you follow these rules I have set forth for you, then I will give you eternal life.

I quite frankly don't know where to start, but lets get started with your accusations about Sister White ...after exhaustive study it was found that her writings were in perfect harmony with the bible...Now lets deal with the fulfilling of the commandments by Christ at His death...God said that if you follow these rules I have set forth for you, then I will give you eternal life. Christ has kept the commandments showing us that it is possible to do so. F.L.

I don't read them because all the articles are so full of hatred

I don't read them because all the articles are so full of hatred toward my beloved SDA church. My heart goes out to you who have chosen to leave God's remnant church. Time is so short before our Lord returns so I hope you will see the error of your ways and return before it's too late. I repeat, DON'T SEND ME ANY MORE OF YOUR MAGAZINES. D.R.

I have always known that something was drastically wrong with my church

Dear Dale, I have been a [SDA] pastor for ___ years. I have always known that something was drastically wrong with my church. The insecurity, fear and lack of assurance in salvation that I have encountered in many of the member of the churches have pastored has always deeply troubled me ...I have observed that the fruit of character development has been sour for many SDAs. I now see clearly that this is because the Gospel is not understood in the SDA church. I agree that EGW is to blame for this ....About ___ months ago I received my first issue of Proclamation!. Since then, I have purchased Cultic Doctrine, Sabbath in Christ, Des Ford's work, Raymond Cottrell's articles ...I ordered Walter Rea's book and I am constantly visiting the list of web sites you recommended that have been confirming for me the nonsense of the belief system that I have been in for the past ___ years. It has been very disturbing and liberating for me at the same time. My reactions is, "How could I have been so blind?"...

My eyes were truly opened

Through Bible study and the internet my daughter and I have left the SDA church. I am a 3rd generation Adventist and thought I knew my Bible well. When I decided to put Ellen White away and really study the Bible my eyes were truly opened. I am so excited to read the Word of God now and rejoice in my salvation and new found faith. C. C.