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Can you "connect the dots" Mr. Ratzlaff?

Sir, if you legislate to close stores on Sunday, you are, by neccesity showing "religious preference" and the game of exclusion begins. By exalting Sunday, the Pope fulfills the role of Anti-Christ from Dan 7:25. Are you cool with that, sir? The "dirty work" of exclusion may be followed by corrupted "protestants" who will complete the sinful song the Pope is attempting to sing. Are you "in harmony" with that, Mr. Ratzlaf? You accuse the Adventists because you are in league with the "accuser of the bretheren", but I urge you to repent, Mr. Ratzlaff. This Sunday-Law scenario is going to "play out" just as surely as the "apology strategy" played out along with Vatican entrenchment. You do not serve your own intellect very well if you are "in denial" at these clearly predicted events. Can you "connect the dots" Mr. Ratzlaf? Can you see the "signs of the times", sir? God bless.

My Answer: live in the freedom of Christ (Dale's response to the above letter)

I understand where you are coming from for I was once there. No longer, however, do I live in the paranoia of SDA eschatology. Rather, I try to live in the freedom of Christ. True, the last days are presented as troublous times. However, the issue is not a day, but the lordship of Christ. That is where the final test will be.

I am very concerned

Sir, I am very concerned about religious liberty now that the Pope has made a GLOBAL call for universal Sunday Legislation ("Dies Domini"). Do you plan to endorse the "Dies Domini" concept which has already been endorsed by prominent evangelicals like D. James Kennedy and Pat Robertson? In Christ’s Love.

My answer: Certainly not.

I would be very careful in your source. Are you sure that the "Universal Sunday Legislation" to which you refer says what you think it says?

The Sunday Law crisis will SOON "heat up"
Oh yeah, I can read "Dies Domini" to get the POLITICAL gist of the Pope's idea. It is VERY cosistent, also, with the history and character of the Papacy. Sir, do you believe the Papacy HAS changed? Do you think they are "good guys" now. I love the Roman Catholic people enough to warn them about the approacing Sunday Legislation contrasted with the "everlasting Gospel" presented in the Holy Bible and LIVED in the life and character of Jesus. Oh yeah, recent Papal "apology strategy" and Vatican entrenchment were both predicted in THE GREAT CONTROVERSY(1888). That probably greatly upsets you, sir, however I am VERY excited because my precious Saviour, Jesus, is soon to return. The Sunday Law crisis will SOON "heat up" and then He will return. Repent. You should prepare yourself...and others, brother. God bless.

"No longer under bondage, but free in Christ."

Thank you so much for the recent Life Assurance Ministries Publication. After attending Bible studies with friends questioning Adventism, we, through the guiding of the Holy Spirit, discovered truth in Paul's writings. After 23 years of error, I am no longer under bondage, but am free in Christ."

"I am so glad to be out of Adventism"

Thank you for sending me your new journal. I appreciate your Mission, Motto and Message. I am so glad to be out of Adventism after a lifetime of fear and legalism that I appreciate your efforts in helping others escape. I have been an evangelical Episcopalian for four years now, these years have been the best of my life. Your Sabbath in Crisis book helped me make the final break. Blessings to you for your dedicated work. The Lord will surely continue to bless you as you proclaim your good news.

"You've opened a whole new avenue of thought for me."

Hi Dale, Thanks so much for sending me the first issue of your Proclamation! I really enjoyed the article on the faith of Abraham and how Paul used the illustrations to emphasize righteousness by faith. You've opened a whole new avenue of thought for me on the subject. I also read your appeal for new Former Adventist Fellowship groups and I'd like to offer my time and services in starting one in the Fresno area… I have already received permission from one of the pastors to hold the meetings at the church. In fact, the pastor is eager to participate if needed. There is also another former Adventist at E Free who is willing to help start the group. I would be happy to talk with you further about this exciting opportunity to reach out to former Adventists in the heart of the Central California Conference. I feel that the Lord has been calling me to do this for some time now, and your newsletter served to reinforce this feeling. I know first hand how difficult it is to release the bonds of legalism and false teaching (I was 3rd generation SDA), and no one was there to guide me through the doubts and the anxiety. If it's the Lord's will, I would like to be that guide for those who are earnestly seeking the truth.

"I am so glad I feel free…"

Dear Dale & Carolyn, First of all, thank you so much for sending me the books…I just received the Proclamation in the mail… I read every bit of it. I appreciated most the book on the Sabbath. I have been able to understand and have no problem with the doctrinal error and the EGW issue, but the Sabbath has always been hard for me to understand and get away from, even with a fairly good previous understanding of the Covenant Issue through my own study. I think that because the day to day life of an SDA incorporates the Sabbath, it becomes more of ones cultural heritage than the other issues. It is more part of who we are and whom we have been growing up. So it is like getting rid of the fact that I have German or French in me! Hard to do!… Last year, when we did Romans, (taking 32 weeks and only a few verses each week), I became absolutely convinced of all the issues you bring forward. I think the Sabbath day was finally put to rest, however, your book is helping me to solidify my thoughts and defend my position to those who ask. I grieve for my parents because they will not even look at the issues and study for themselves. I am so glad I feel free… I think the thing that I am sad about the most is the fact that for some reason, growing up SDA, I missed who Christ really was. We were so caught up in rules. When I think about it, I feel like I was like the Children of Israel; I was given the Word of God, I had parents who did their best to instill Godly values, family, church, etc., in me. But I missed the most important thing: Who Christ really was. I knew and believed in Him, I understood what He had done for me and accepted Him into my life. But I did not really KNOW HIM in a way that I could apply His life to mine and live out His will through His power & not my own, and receive the covenant blessings His grace gives me to be a witness for Him. Israel was like that, they carried the Law & the Prophets, they knew the prophecies concerning their Messiah, but they missed the person He was. I am most sad about that, and I am sad because I see it in my parents, as good of people as they are, I think they miss the greatest blessings because they are so wrapped up in trying to keep SDA laws… I will pray for your ministry and have sent a check in the mail. Keep in touch."

"Whole new window."

Thanks so much for sending me the first issue of your Proclamation! newsletter. I really enjoyed the article on the faith of Abraham and how Paul used the illustrations to emphasize righteousness by faith. You've opened a whole new avenue of thought for me on the subject.

"Eureka! Eureka!"

Thank you again for the books you sent me. I am praising the Lord since I read your books. It released me from bondage and gave me a new perspective of the gospel and life. More than 20 years has passed since I became an Adventist. I used to think the only remnant and true church is SDA church but for the last seven yeas I developed some dissatisfaction in my church's doctrinal teachings. You know, the only threads which were keeping me hanging in the SDA church were the Sabbath and the doctrine of state of the dead. Fortunately, while I was reading your book "Sabbath in crises" and reached at chapter four entitled "shadows of hope" the thread which was keeping me hanging is gone. And after finishing reading your book I said "Eureka! Eureka!" I've found the right theology! Thank you very much! May God bless you for being bold to tell the truth and share it with me.

It gave me support

I've enjoyed the last few things that I've received from your ministry. One thing it has done for me is it gave me support to see so many others in the valley of decision. I left my church ministry within SDA's, only after I got to a place where my church did not want to be liberated from "it", that invisible bug that eats you up from within and takes away your peace, individuality, your freedom of mind etc... After nearly 8 YEARS IN MINISTRY I stopped. But no regrets as it nearly messed up my mind trying to move a people who did not want to be moved to freedom. Anyhow that's not my desire to talk about this, except that I wanted you to know that I'm impressed with what's coming out of your ministry.

"You will no longer be a Christian..."

[This is a must read--what happend to the gospel?]

I was raised a fourth generation SDA and was a fourth generation Literature Evangelist. I never saw the inside of a public school until my children went to them….I was already questioning some of the teachings of the SDA church so when I was home one time I went to our pastor and told him I wanted my name off the church books. He sat there for two solid hours trying to convince me that I was wrong to do this and ended his time with this statement, "I just want you to understand that once your name is off the church books you will no longer be a Christian and you will have no chance to be saved." I let him know I still considered myself a Christian to which he responded, "After your name is off the church books you will no longer be a Christian and you will have no chance of being saved." M. R.

Sister White was right after all

Hello, I just wanted to thank God that He chose you to help expose the Seventh-day Adventist church as "wolves in sheep’s clothing." Let me share how Jesus removed the blinders from my eyes…It all started with a college textbook published by the Adventists on Ellen G. White. I read the chapter which talked about her contradictory statements and false prophetic statements. I was a little surprised but shrugged it off. After all she was the last day prophet, raised up to heavenly places and beholding the face of Jesus. Who was I to worry about it? After all, Satan hated the last day church, and was trying to lead me to doubt the testimonies! This would lead me to reject the special "truths" of Adventism, until I turned my back on all of them. (This, by the way, is one thing that Sister White was right about after all. More on that later…) Anyway, while I was innocently on my computer I looked up your board [web site] out of curiosity. I was shocked and amazed at all this! Shortly after this, I called C.R.I., who referred me to Watchman Fellowship. I talked with T. O. He referred me to you. The books you sent me pointed out how deceived I had been. I was still going through that cloudy thinking and fear, but, praise God, He used your books and my Worldwide Church of God church family’s prayers. I now realized that the fears I had of rejecting the Holy Spirit’s voice and causing Him to depart from me were unfounded…Thank you, Mr. Ratzlaff, for standing up for Jesus and the truth regardless of the consequences. God bless you, and may He use you to bless Adventists who are still buying "the White lie." J. B.

Box of EG White books as a wedding gift

Several years ago, I was given the book, Sabbath in Crisis. I did not fully understand it until about a year ago because every time I had a question I asked all my relatives and they just made me more confused. They thought I was backsliding and they would continually quote EGW. I had noticed that a lot of what EGW said was not in agreement with the Bible. When I pointed out all of these things to my relatives, they got very furious and distant with me. Finally, I decided that I needed to make sure I was obedient to the Lord so I decided I could no longer be a SDA. My parents at first had a hard time accepting it. The rest of my relatives bought me a box of EGW books and gave it to me as a wedding gift. I now see the Bible in a totally different perspective. I want to thank your so much for writing that book. S. B.

Well-documented and clearly presented information

To my precious bother in Christ Jesus, Dale Ratzlaff, I have just finished the first book I’ve read of yours, The Cultic Doctrine. I wanted to write and thank you for the intelligent insight from your well-documented and clearly presented information. Our heavenly Father has greatly blessed me in many ways, even beyond the gracious gift of salivation through the redemption of sin by the blood of our marvelous Savior, Jesus Christ, God’s only Son! All praise, glory and honor to Him forever and ever. The education I obtained form you is an answer to prayer asking the Lord Almighty to direct in guiding me towards and through the narrow gate. Bother Dale, I believe the Master is preparing me to somehow combat the false doctrines as a layperson; working through testimonies and personal witness to convert/convince those misled by some gospel other than Jesus. For this reason, my friend, I laud your dedication to such controversy as exposing falsehoods of a large denomination that you had belong to; and I commend your gentle and sincere scolding of their many errors and misrepresentations of the truth as we know comes from God’s Word. I look forward to learning more from your other book, as soon as the Lord avails it to me. I will pray God blesses you richly for your courage and faithfulness to His righteousness. G. R.

I feel and look like I have aged ten years in the past year and a half

Dear Mr. Ratzlaff, I just left the SA church after having only been in it for one and one half years. They had me so brain washed, I was afraid every day of the so-called Sunday Law that they told me about. I started praying every day for God to let me know the truth. I also prayed that if the Sunday Law was going to be passed, that God would let me die so I would not have to go through it. I did not know if I would pass the test when the time came and that I would go to church on Sunday to keep from being put in jail or tortured and then go to hell. I feel and look like I have aged ten years in the past year and a half. Then some time ago God put into my heart to research Ellen White. When I did that I saw what she said was not true. I left the church three weeks ago and ask my name be removed from the membership list. I feel as if I have been in bondage. Now I can’t sleep because I am so brainwashed…Can you help me? C. G.

No joy, none!

As a long time Christian, the Baptist churches in our area became stale, and pastors retried. So I looked for another good church—a very disappointing adventure in this county. I found 3 ABN [Three Angels Broadcasting Network] T.V.! I liked the music but the teaching was different. I started attending the local SDA church on Saturdays. The people at the SDA church were polite—but there was no joy, none! So, I left. I also prayed for guidance. Two things got me out of SDA doctrine for good: (1) Reading Galatians in my own NIV Bible and (2) reading your wonderful book, Sabbath in Crisis. Thanks for caring and praying for us. We needed it. In Christ forever. D. M.

I cried as I read

I am a second generation Adventist, over 50 and just realizing the truth about the SDA church. Like most others I have read about, I endorsed the SDA church with my whole heart and served in about every office. I was grounded and no one could "pry" me away from "The Truth." I won’t tell you the whole story but I know I am lead by the Holy Spirit. Through a process I was led to your books and cried as I read. There were times when I had to put them down for a day to process what I had read. I’m still searching and studying. I stopped going the SDA church about eight or nine months ago—I am now going to a Sunday church and am really being fed. It is unbelievable how free I feel to be the person God intended me to be. My mother and some other family members, "hardcore" SDAs, are hurt and tearful, sure I’m going to hell and on and on!! I’m sure no different treatment than most others who have left the SDA church…Thanks for standing for the truth years ago and for all the research and studying you have done and shared with others. Please recommend other books to me that will help me understand where I have come from. It is very difficult at times to break with the old "bones" of legalism. I can see God opening a great "Light" in my life, and I need to learn how to interpret/test Scripture for myself. Thanks for any help you can give me. M. H.

Dr. Edward Heppenstall was like a second father to me

I just read your web page about your book on the Sabbath. I left the SDA church 10 years ago (4th generation with father and grandfather both SDA’s). When I left the church, it was after an examination of scripture on the Sabbath. I certainly did not do such a thorough study as you have but it seemed to me that if the Sabbath were really supposed to have the emphasis that SDA’s give it, Jesus did a poor job of giving it emphasis, especially about Sabbath and end times. It seems to me that one of the most damaging things about the SDA emphasis on Sabbath is the pivotal position they give it in eschatology. Perhaps it isn’t a major issue to God if some Christians just happen to worship on Saturday, but they are in grave danger of missing the important message of the whole Biblical perspective on prophecy because of the Sabbath doctrine. I am concerned about my family that is still darkened by Adventism and unprepared to see the fulfilling of prophecy before their eyes! By the way, by the time I examined the Sabbath, I had already discarded the Investigative Judgement and Ellen White. Dr. Edward Heppenstall was like a second father to me and he is the one who showed me the fallacy of the investigative judgement. The emphasis on Ellen White was what disturbed me. When recalling material I had memorized in SDA schools I had a hard time remembering whether the source was EGW or the Bible. There was something strangely out-of-balance and subtlety distorting about that. But the best part, I found, is that I could really walk with Jesus and He could become more intimate to me than any human once I left the SDA church. My walk with Jesus is far more satisfying than I had ever imagined was possible. Please pray that God will guide my relationships with my family so that they may be drawn to Him above their emphasis on the SDA church. I long for my parents to know Jesus and rest in His assurance...Thank for your wonderful web site. I appreciate it very much. Blessings. S. B.


Revelation 18:4 Come out of her Brother before its to late! Don't greive God. Its time to set aside PRIDE. In your heart you know the truth. REPENT ! Matthew 7:21-23 . Brother Dale I didnt come across your email address by happenstance. The Holy Spirit lead me this way. Im just his tool. You know whats right in your heart, but PRIDE! That same Pride that brought down Lucifer from the side of God. Its in your Heart. Let it go Brother Dale as Redemtion Draweth Nigh! The Holy Spirit has told me to tell you to repent I dont know why. Im just his tool! Repent brother before its to late. God Bless.

How many cups of rocks am I supposed to use?

Hello, Several years ago and again a few months ago our church HQ sent out copies of your "Sabbath in Crisis" book to all our pastors. I'd like to express my appreciation to you for your efforts in writing this book. Our fellowship has undergone a similar transformation in understanding. During a transformation of such magnitude, arguments and discussion often become fragmented, lacking coherent structure. Your book systematizes and atalogues the various viewpoints in an orderly fashion, eliminating much of the confusion that generally occurs in open and often emotionally charged discussions. I also appreciate very much that you do not attack those who hold views different from your own. I became interested in the Worldwide Church of God about 40 years ago when I was nearly 12. As I look back on the beginning of my interest, one of the most significant questions that convinced me to seek membership in the Worldwide Church of God was the question, "Which Day is the Christian Sabbath?" It wasn't until about 5 years ago that I realized the question itself was seriously flawed. The question presupposes that the Christian Sabbath is a 24 hour day. If a person does not realize the question is flawed, then his answer will most likely be in error and much faulty theology gets built on it. Just because a sentence has a question mark on the end of it does not make it a legitimate question. Flawed questions need to be corrected first, and often times when they are corrected, the answer becomes obvious. For example, if I were to say to you, "Dale, I want to make a gallon of Rocky Road ice cream. How many cups of rocks am I supposed to use?" Well, of course, you know that "Rocky Road" is just a metaphor, but it's obvious I don't know that. But if you also don't know that "Rocky Road" is a metaphor and you attempt to answer the question because you know what "gallon", "ice cream", and "rocks" are, then your advice will help me produce a disaster! But since you do know that "Rocky Road" is a metaphor you will first explain the meaning of the metaphor and then my question will disappear. Thus it is with the question "Which Day is the Christian Sabbath?". Another flawed question that produced serious problems for our denomination as well as many other denominations is, "Where is the True Church?", or "Which Church is the True Church?". A Presbyterian pastor friend of mine from New York helped me with that when he explained that we should drop the "True Church" metaphor and think more in terms of a range from healthy, weak, sick, toxic, to terminally ill or even dead. The goal shifts from trying to find the "True Church" to doing what one can to make one's own church "healthy". Of course, if your church is toxic or terminally ill, then exiting may be the only reasonable choice. And as anyone knows, healthy things grow and bear fruit. May God richly bless you, your family, and your ministry.

Ellen White became as much mentioned as the Bible...through topical studies, almost any theory can be proven.

Dear Dale, My husband and I were Adventists for about 3 years. Coming from the Catholic Church, we were eager to read the truth as it is in the Bible. We did a Bible study with a former Pastor's wife and enjoyed it very much. Everything that we read and she said seemed to be proven with a Bible verse. I think that we were so starved from never being in the Bible, that we clung to every word. After we were baptized, we attended Sabbath School and services every Saturday. Neither one of us had a problem with Sabbath, but as time went on, Ellen White became as much mentioned as the Bible. My husband had a real problem with this---and after a couple of years, I did too. It is amazing to me, that through topical studies, almost any theory can be proven. I think that the fact that we continued to study the Bible on a daily basis--started poking holes in some of the things that we heard on Sabbath mornings. We always asked the Holy Spirit to guide us in our understanding. We go to ______ every year to visit our children and they have recently left the Catholic Church and belong to a Bible church, so we attend services with them on Sunday. I listened to their Pastor and got to know some of the people and knew that just because they didn't go to church on Saturday didn't mean that they were doomed. We still have ______ that are members of the SDA church, and we wouldn't hurt them for the world, but we also don't know how to reach them. They know that we are truly questioning the church and also that we do not go any longer. I know that our Lord has a plan and we just have to continue in His Word and pray for His Will. We thank you for the books and for this web site."

Dr. Sam. Bacchiocchi...mentioned your "Sabbath in Crisis" book

Dear Mr. Ratzlaff, I thought you might be interested to hear how I came to hear of your publications. Dr. Sam. Bacchiocchi was out here recently on one of his speaking/book promotional tours and he mentioned your "Sabbath in Crisis" book during one of his Presentations—not intending, of course, to promote them…I saw your classified ad in "Christianity Today" magazine, dated April 26 this year and was able to call you. I would be interested to hear if you have any other books that may be of interest, and also the vision of Life Assurance Ministries.

I was one of the millions

Dear Life Assurance Ministries: I want to thank you for your excellent work on examining the seventh day Adventist church. I was one of the millions that purchased materials from the Seventh Day Adventist affiliate Voice of Prophecy. Instead of receiving materials that proclaimed the loving message of Jesus Christ, I received materials that condemned all Christian denominations except the Seventh Day Adventist. I quit subscribing the Voice of Prophecy when the administrators refused to answer my questions. I hope to continue visiting your website in the future.

My sister and I had to pay the price.

I found the freedom of the Gospel almost 20 years ago. All I can say is there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. I saw my father waste his whole life as he would not work on Sabbath or join a union. My sister and I had to pay the price. We had to go to SDA schools wearing rags and looking like tramps. I well recall my 8th grade teacher telling my folks that there was no point of me going on to high school. I was able to go to public high school and went on to college earning a BS and have done many other wonderful things.

I for one am not going back!

As you know our backgrounds are somewhat the same. Our Pastor General, Joseph Tkach, writes out our story in, "Transformed by Truth", a real adventure of a church coming out of legalism. There's been much pain, but the glory on the other side of knowing Jesus is so worth it. I for one am not going back, once you stop suppressing the Spirit that lives within you by thinking you have to do it, you have to earn it, you have to live by every rule or law, once you understand the grace of our Lord, what He has done for us, and what true Christianity is all about; you are free to taste the sweetness that's always been there. I have never felt so alive, so much at peace, so at rest in Him. Our Lord and Savior is so awesome. There is no greater honor than to be a part of His family. Thank you for submitting to the leading of the Holy Spirit and doing your part for the kingdom. You are helping to move the gospel forward. I want to encourage you to continue on. What you are doing is not in vain.

It's driving me crazy

Thank you so much for sending me the books. I have sought for 30 years for help in refuting SDA doctrine. As I mentioned to you on the phone, my husband has become deeper and deeper mired in E.G. White, and the end-time prophecies and its driving me crazy. I have read your Cultic Doctrine book and am looking forward to the others.
An inner integrity to follow God's path with the heart.
I also appreciated your gook, 'Sabbath in Crisis", and have given it to my father in law who is __ years old and still searching for answers. I haven't talked to him yet to see what he thought of the book. I am seeing more and more the real issue in worshiping in Spirit and in Truth--an inner integrity to follow god's path with heart, no more pretending and lacking power for living. This fact alone showed me how wrong this theology of Adventism to dwell on a day can be. I am very happy to have read your books as they opened my mind to God's word. I was an Adventist for 3 years and eagerly read all their literature which certainly reinforced my beliefs on a 7th day Sabbath. Telling others of the true Sabbath was always my goal--after all they were in Babylon! (Irony of this is now I am being proclaimed in Babylon.) Slowly I found myself reading and listening only to Adventist authors and ministers. Reading books by Ellen White more than the Bible. There came a time when I became aware that nowhere did I mention or even care to speak a bout the Gospel. Not once did I get anyone I knew in the church that I truly believed had the TRUTH. The wall that I kept hitting was always my stand on the 7th day Sabbath. Frustrating to say the least. Christians would not listen to the TRUTHS I had to tell them. People coming to the seminars our church held did not listen either. The first night we had Dwight Nelson's seminar the sanctuary was filled with new people. But as the night wore on the only people left were Adventist!! I was proud that the Lord had led me to a church that had all the TRUTHS. My viewpoint changed and my arrogance vanished when I heard Pastor Richard Fredericks speak on the Sabbath. Some of what he said made sense but surely I thought this can't be true. He offered your books for sale and I purchased the one on the Sabbath. Needless to say the Scripture I had been reading from my Adventist back ground took on a whole different meaning. Why? Because now I had a view of the covenants God gave and the reason for them. Honestly, I cannot ever remember the covenants brought up in church or even elaborated on. Thankfully all that Adventist logic has been washed away. God has led other people out of the church through my efforts and for that I am happy. I continue to try and lead others. I am ashamed that I put the Sabbath day ahead of what Christ did for us on the cross--ashamed for not spreading the Gospel. This fact alone showed me how wrong this theology of Adventism to dwell on a day can be. I enclose a copy of the outline Kenneth Cox spoke on in October. Now they are wise to the fact that the Covenants speak to the whole matter of their theology. The ripple effect of your books and others are causing them to regroup and revamp an abolished covenant. I thought it was very interesting that the Mosaic covenant was never mentioned yet all the rest were. I feel as if they literally worship the seventh-day of the week, the "rules" of the church, and the church denomination itself. I enjoy reading the material your organization sells about issues relating to the Seventh-day Adventist church as I have had questions and concerns about the SDA church for many years but was unable to find any materials at my local Christian Bookstore or elsewhere that dealt with these issues. So, much thanks to you and a pastor named Mark Martin at Calvary Chapel for providing such materials. I would be interested in buying the next book that you told me you were in the process of writing when it becomes available. Though I grew up going to an Adventist elementary school, academy and college and did not have any significant relationships with anybody outside the SDA church denomination for most of my life, I have recently in the last few years, re-evaluated my faith due to things I have had trouble with such as the extra-biblical authority of Ellen white, the sometimes very extreme legalism of Sabbath-keeping, whether or not the Bible really teaches the importance of vegetarianism and clean and unclean foods, and the self-righteousness "I'm so much better than you" view of some Adventists towards people who are not Advantest. Even though there are things I like about the Adventist church such as their school system and the many friendships I have in the church, I feel as if the members of the SDA church (not all, but some) are like the Pharisees of Jesus' day--more concerned with the law and the Old Testament commandments of God rather than seeking a relationship with God. I feel as if they literally worship the seventh-day of the week, the "rules" of the church, and the church denomination itself. I dislike the heavy emphasis in church sermons and literature on the law & commandment keeping and don't hear enough in the church, if at all, on things like faith, forgiveness, grace, God's love and mercy. I especially dislike put-downs of other Christians and other churches that I sometimes hear of in church sermons and literature. Please understand that I am a Christian and do love God with all my heart and soul and have no intention of leaving the Christian faith. I just disagree with the self-righteous attitudes and legalism taught and practiced by the Seventh-day Adventist church..."

You don't know what you are talking about (From SDA Pastor, copied from email without editing.

(I am listing my email to him [see below] so it is in context.)

You don't know what you are talking about Dale, you have rejected truth for so long you like Satan have convinced yourself to believe a lie."If you have seen Me you have Seen the Father" I and My Father are one" God the Father gave Jesus all authority in the plan of Salvation. The ten commandments are the reflection of the character of God and that includes Jesus and don't give me tat hogwash about the Holy Spirit not being revealed before Pentecost, a ten year old child who reads the Bible knows better than that. As to Fredericks, he is a loser of all time, liek yourself, he was kicked out of the church because he wanted to depart from the church and start his own false doctrine. I heard him more than once over the past few years when he preached at our campmeetings and he has had a spirit of Satan for several years. I would have disfellowshiped him in 1993 when he was preaching false doctrine in the PA campmeeting.

(My email to this SDA Pastor) ________, my heart cries for you and your judgmental attitude. Would you listen to a set of tapes by Richard Fredericks who recently left the SDA church? Would you read "White Washed" if I sent it to you free? Please note that the Law is not the clearest revelation of the character of God: Jesus is. See Heb. 1:1-4 He is the truth. He is the New Covenant (Isa 42:6; Isa 49:8.) He is the sign of the New Covenant (Luke 2:12; Luke 2:34;
Luke 11:29-30; John 4:54: John 6:14; John 12:18) His blood the is the Remembrance Sign of the New Covenant (Mt. 26:28; Lk 22:20; 1 Cor. 11:25.) Jesus is the Seal of the New Covenant (before Pentecost) John 6:27 After Pentecost, the Holy Spirit is the Seal of the New Covenant: 2 Cor. 1:22; Eph. 1:13; Eph. 4:30 NOWHERE in the New Testament is the Sabbath said to be a seal of the New Covenant! [My note: Dr. Richard Fredericks is a godly man, former SDA theologian, and has just completed a set of tapes on the topic of "The Sabbath in Christ".]

It is so wonderful to know the truth as found in the Gospel

Dale, thanks for having the courage to tell the truth about Adventism. I am a former SDA and attended SDA schools form first grade through LLU grad school. I am now a born again Christian and attend ____________. It is so wonderful to know the truth as found in the Gospel. Keep up the good work. Many Adventists are still in bondage to Ellen White. I left the SDA church in 1984 and still find myself confused at times by things that were ingrained in me as a child. May God bless you.

You have convinced yourself to believe a lie. (From SDA Pastor)

Dale, I am not interested in the garbage that is floating around and I am not interested in your obsession with the Adventist church which you never believed anyway. There are 10 Commandments that God gave to Adam and Eve. They are the reflection off the character of God and they are eternal. You can make all the excuses in the world and you can create all the shortcuts and lies you care to invent. I have sincere honest people who want to know truth, and you are not one of them. I appreciate your willingness to keep in touch with me and I will attempt to be as congenial as possible as I can with you under the circumstances. I would like to hear the program but it is obviously impossible and I would only get angry with you anyway. You have rejected truth for so long you have convinced yourself to believe a lie.

It was like someone just took the blinders off my eyes.

"Dear Pastor Ratzlaf, Just received two of your books and have skimmed over them. I'm anxious to dig in, but I don't really NEED to read them because in the past couple months while reading the New Testament through, (taking each letter as a WHOLE)-- it was like someone just took the blinders off my eyes. I couldn't believe I was reading the same Bible I had always read. None of it seemed to coincide with the doctrines the SDA church idolizes. (and it is idolatry). My father was an SDA pastor who left the church about the same time you did. I was ten at the time. He eventually went so far off that he didn't need a Savior anymore, and the Bible was just another book. After I outgrew my youthful experiments in trying to destroy myself and started seeking God again, I ended up back in the SDA church about 4 years ago. After watching my father, I knew I didn't want to end up like that. I felt like God was leading me back, after trying just about everything else. That is why I have been so confused when I started to see things in a different light. It is a joyful, but also painful experience. Anyone who accuses people like you of following their own desires instead of being honest with the scriptures has never given up friends, family, and the respect of everyone they know, and been willing to admit that they were wrong, for the sake of their conscience.  I can't imagine causing my family this much pain just because I'd rather be at the mall on Sabbath morning. Thanks for the courage to be honest, for not sinking to some people's level of discussion (they attack the person when they can't argue the issues), and for preaching the true gospel. I just had to tell you."

It's completely taken over his life and totally changed his personality and demeanor.

"My husband has been an Adventist for almost 2 years and from day one my life has been pure torture. Upon his religious conversion so called he immediately turned against me and our 2 year old daughter. His only focus is S.D.A., he's rude, arrogant, inconsiderate and very disrespectful. This isn't a religion with him it's an obsession. It's completely taken over his life and totally changed his personality and demeanor. He isolates himself away from his own family and friends and he only associates with members of this church. I've written on more than one occasion to an Adventist website to no avail. I've contacted the minister/mentor who introduced this religion to him and expressed my concerns also to no avail. Therefore I've now come to you, is my husbands behavior typical or is his an isolated incident? Is one of the requirements of this religion that you must turn against and/or disown your family and friends to participate? S.D.A. has destroyed my family and cost me my marriage (we are getting divorced) and I feel my daughter and I have paid an extremely high price and that we at least deserve to know why. Thank You."

They never look at the Bible, they always go for the study guides.

"Dale, Hello. I have been reading your sight for two days now and for some reason today I just started crying. My family and I are Christians and we have friends that are SDA's. These past couple of weeks we have been talking to them about some of their beliefs. It all started when the wife of the couple told me that if we didn't go to church on Saturday that basically my family and I were on our way to hell. This really disturbed me. So, I asked her to give me some versus out of the Bible to back that statement up. She quoted me a few. Once I got to reading, my personal belief was that she didn't have the verses in the same context of what the particular book was about. A few days later she brought me some bible studies called Amazing Facts Study Guides. I read them, but it seemed to me that the study guides were a little manipulating. If you were to read a question and go straight to the book and verse it directed you to, it might become believable, but once you read the whole book it doesn't sound right to me at all. Anyway, I
have been doing some research over the internet and I have been finding sites that are saying SDA's are somewhat a cult. The more I read the more I could see it. I have been staying up late at night reading my Bible so I
could be more prepared to talk with them about this. My husband and I have tried to explain things to them. I even asked them if they have done any research on Ellen G. White other than her books.The answer was no. And every time we go and talk with them, they never look at their Bible, they always go for the study guides. I just don't know. I am having trouble with seeing my closest friend and her family being misled. I keep them in my prayers always. I think that's the only thing I can do at this point. I mean They will not even have supper with us because we eat meat. I hope I haven't taken up to much of your time, I just thought maybe you would be a good person to talk with this about, sometimes it helps to get things off your
chest. If you have any suggestions they would greatly be appreciated. God Bless You."   

His position might be believable to the Pope, but not to anyone who knows the gospel and can read the text for themselves.

I just finished reading your entire debate with Bacchiocchi at the WCG website and wanted to let you know that I believe you're making a mistake by not publishing it complete at your website. You may think it comes across as unfair, or that you did a poor job., but that's not true at all. You won. Your sweet gospel spirit comes across so nicely in the debate, and Bacchiocchi comes across like the arrogant, self engrossed scholar he is. I read hundreds of his pages and letters to many different people, and they're all the same. Amazing. Thought he had every opportunity, he never focuses on the gospel, or the gospel's relationship the Sabbath, (which are the issues) on the Sabbath, Sabbath, Sabbath. He may not be a Jesuit, but they obviously trained him to think like one. It's the same arrogant thinking that locked the scriptures away form the reach of the common man for over a thousand years. No wonder he slams Luther so hard, (and puts you in Luther's company). Luther put an end to that type of tyranny by translating the Bible into the common tongue, knowing that one schoolgirl seeking for truth with the aid of the Spirit could learn more than a hundred papal scholars. That thought is well demonstrated in Bacchiocchi's analysis of Hebrews 3-4. Incredible! No wonder his book has the papal imprimatur. His position might be believable to the pope, but not to anyone who knows the gospel and can read the text for themselves. God Bless."

I Can't begin to tell you what a blessing your book has been to my whole family.

I received your email this afternoon and was pleased to know that you were still publishing the book, "Sabbath in Crisis". My wife and I were also pleased to find that you had now written a new book about the errors in the Adventist church. I purchased my first book from you thought the add in the, Christian Herald Magazine several years ago. I can't begin to tell you what a blessing your book had been to my who family. My wife and her mother and myself as well as three of my children all left the SDA church. One of my daughters is still a quasi member but does not keep the Sabbath anymore. My wife lost our first book and I didn't know how to obtain another. Then I saw your introduction in Joseph Tkach's book, "Transformed by Truth". I found your website by browsing around the internet...I graduated in theology from Atlantic Union College in ________. I served three churches here in _____ and three in ______ ________. We have been ostracized by both the members and my ministerial friends I went to school with and served with. I guess our leaving came as a shock to all. My whole family had served the church in _____ as well. My wife and her mother were members for 44 years and I was for 38 years. I rejoice in my new covenant Savior and new found freedom. Thanks for all your research and hard work in producing these books and we are thankful for your ministry. Please write me about your experience as it would be a lift for the family...God richly bless you and yours and your continued ministry. Please keep in touch. Your Brother in Christ."

Adventism, I would say is in crisis.

Adventism, I would say is in crisis. Did I mention that I was one of six full-time teachers leaving this year. That leaves five full-time teachers. At least five of those six have reservations about the church.

_________ [SDA Elder of a local SDA church] said that maybe it would be better if ________ left his family and cease all contact with them because they fail to see the truth.

"Dear Mr. Ratzlaff, I tried! [to get him to read Cultic Doctrine] He refused!. He said that [the SDA Elder] said the book was full of lies. _______ is one of the elders of the church. You see, they have got ________ believing that anyone who doesn't hold to their views are evil and in league with Satan. ________ has gone so far as to call his own mother Satan and has disowned all of us. It was because of [the SDA Elder] and the church that he moved. [the SDA Elder] said that maybe it would be better if _______ left his family and cease all contact with them because they fail to see the truth. What is the truth? I was raised in a Christian household that held to the belief that you were to worship the Lord everyday in your heart. I was taught that Jesus died, was buried and resurrected all because of me because God loved us so much that he didn't want to see any perish. Is this not the truth? Instead, I'm told that if I don't worship on the Sabbath or follow all these dietary requirements or accept the writings of E.G. White, then I am lost. I had never heard of Ellen White until he joined this church. I thought that the Sabbath was in Christ. Am I wrong? If I am, I will be glad to admit it. But unless I am shown through the Bible these things, I will not change my conviction or my faith in Christ."

The year I graduated and realized I had been taught lies for over 12 years

Hi, I am taking a chance here -- did you teach Bible class at MBA in 1975? If so, I wanted to share a couple of things. My name is _________ _________. I left the SDA church and requested my name be removed from the roles in the summer of 1975 when I came across what the Bible really said in the Hebrew about how Jesus returns with those more numerous than the sands of the sea and the sealing of the 144,000. I won't even go into the continuing work in a heavenly sanctuary or hundreds of other things that just don't line up with the Word of God. Jesus said It is finished because when that last scene of death took place and the resurrection three days later His blood was enough to cleanse us. For 12 years I was taught E.G. White and that stuff and I can tell you, the year I graduated and realized I had been taught lies for over 12 years how devastated I was. I spent from the time I was 18 until I turned 36 running from anything that had to do with religion or God or whatever. Praise God the story does not end there... By God's grace and His mercy alone the Holy Spirit drew me to the foot of the cross, using a crazy man screaming about Jesus in a park where we were partying. It was a series of events over a year, but He got my attention and then one day I heard the Lord say as loud as a person talks, you do not know if you will be given this last chance, what are you going to do...I met Jesus as I knelt at the foot of His cross and asked Him into my life, and I gave Him my will. My life since meeting the real Jesus on July 29, 1992 has not been easy, but there is joy because nothing that happens to me escapes the notice of my Abba Father. He is all sufficient, He is my strong tower. He is teaching me to die so that I may live, as a kernel of corn in the ground must die to bear fruit.  He has taught me that only one thing matters, Jesus Christ and taking the Kingdom of God forward by walking in obedience and spending time with my Lord. The end result, Jesus is Lord and my Father is in control and not my will but His... I have never been alone, Jesus has always been with me, He is my Husband, He is my friend, He is my lover and my Lord. I just had in my heart to share this with you...Our Merciful Father ensures that each person will hear truth and it is what they do with it that will count... And this is the key, to only seek Jesus, to focus on His face so that when the fourth watch comes, the darkest hour before dawn, we will know in who we believe and trust in, Jesus comes in the darkest hour, He was born in the darkest hour and He conquered once and for all the darkest hour. If you are my old (no pun intended, it was 25 years ago -- I even have senior moments now) Bible teacher I wanted to let you know that your heart came through and your love of Jesus in class and this is what reflected in my heart when I saw you had a website. You see, Christ in us, what we say and do, underline do is a greater witness than all the talking in the world. You loved with His love, that is what He commanded in the new covenant, to love. The Father so loves you and He has anointed me to preach the good news, to heal the brokenhearted, to set the captives free and to open the eyes of the blind. My precious brother be healed in Jesus Name. I have learned we have no need of more teachers and more teachings, we have need of guides who will point us to Jesus and to Jesus alone. Glory to God!! Having recently returned from a missionary trip to the Midwest, I can tell you religion is alive and well, what the world needs is Jesus, not religion, not programs, but to sit at His feet in our body when we draw together and wait on Him, let His Holy Spirit move and put away our agendas and for once let God be God. I pray that His love will encompass you and bring healing to you. Your old student and newly found sister in Jesus Christ.