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Daniel 8:14 has nothing to do with the saints (From a SDA)

"...Daniel 8:14 has nothing to do with the judgment of the saints but everything to do with the judgment of the little horn which pollutes the sanctuary and the deliverance of the saints...Ellen White in GC page 422 says, 'When Christ, by virtue of His own blood, removed the sins of His people from the heavenly sanctuary at the close of His ministration, He will place them upon Satan, who, in the execution of the judgment, must bear the final penalty.' Satan, according to our [SDA] teaching becomes the scapegoat of Leviticus 16. Having our sins laid on Satan, assigns to Satan an indispensable role in the blotting out of our sins. This nullifies the all-sufficiency of the finished work of Christ. 'the Lord hath laid on Him (Christ) the iniquity of us all' Isaiah 53:6; 'cleans us form all unrighteousness.' 1 John 1:9; 'he has by himself purged our sins.' Hebrews 1:3; 'having forgiven you all trespasses.' Colossians 2:13; 'who his own self bare our sins in his own body on a tree.' 1 Peter 2:4. I invite anyone to show me a Bible verse that says or implies Satan bears our sins."

Clear presentation of truth

"Dear Mr. Ratzlaff, Thank you for such a clear presentation of truth. I grew up in a Nazarene home and attended a Baptist day school & high school, so my understanding of salvation has always been somewhat confused. This book has helped clarify some issues for me personally as well as helping me to discuss issues with my older brother who has become involved with the SDA church."
The resurrection of Jesus was on Saturday, Sabbath
"...I contend, along with Scriptures, that the Lord's Day is the Sabbath (Saturday). The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ was, and is, and will be on the Sabbath (Saturday). The Sabbath unto the Lord God almighty was blessed on the Seventh Day and Hallowed..."

Only God should be quoted in church

"Hi Dale...Being raised a strict SDA, I was really repressed about religion, and as an adult, its legalism really brothers me. I don't think jewelry or make-up has anything to do with salvation, but I still keep the Sabbath (Yes, I wear make-up, jewelry, and even red dresses to church). I HATE the Quarterlies because there is SUCH an agenda to perpetuate Ellen G. White--why can't they just follow the Bible? I've told the preacher that only God should be quoted in a church. We're not the most popular members, but having ____ kids, I feel a need to keep the Sabbath by going to church and fellowshipping with others. I was a joy to find your web-site today. I read about 50 pages to my husband during lunch. And more to read tonight..."

I discovered something was wrong

"Dale, I too have been an Adventist for 22 years, but some time back I discovered something was wrong. I began to see a false gospel. It took me several years of study and prayer, but I finally left. I went to an Adventist pastor and told him that I thought that SDAs had been teaching another gospel since the churches beginning. Surprisingly he said that I was right. I ask him what can we do about it? He said there was nothing we could do as the people wouldn't listen, and that the only hope was that the young people would some day finally bring in the true gospel. I have been out of the church now for one year. Two weeks ago a leader in the church told me that he was instructed (from God) that if I didn't come back to church within one week that my wife would be taken from me. You can imagine how upset my wife and I were. She is still a member but at the rate they are going they will run her out soon. I can only thank God for the way He has dealt with me as he led me out of the church. I am a member of a Sunday church and loving every bit of it. I read your two books. They are great…It saddens me how Adventists think that I am lost now that I have left. The power of the gospel!"

Find is useful

"Dear Dale, Thank you for your ministry and your loving servant heart which authenticates your walk with God. I sense a kind spirit in your and that is God-honoring. I'd like to order several of your books. I did receive 'Cultic Doctrine of SDAs' and find it useful..."

These materials have proved invaluable in reaching out to other ex-Adventists

"Hi Dale,...I recently read you r book: The Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-day Adventists: An Evangelical Resource, An Appeal to SDA Leadership. What an excellent book! I was stunned as I read how you were treated by the Watsonville church...Isn't it wonderful how God can take such an experience and turn it around. I will soon place an order for a number of books and videos from Life Assurance Ministries. These materials have proved invaluable in reaching out to other ex-Adventists...A couple of years ago I was a member of the SDA forum on the internet. I kept challenging the other members--including Samuele Bacchiocchi. I will admit I plagiarized from your book a great deal...I was finally told to leave but is was great fun while it lasted. One thing I learned from Samuele was that when you don't have an answer you change the subject or nit-pick on details that have nothing to do with the issues at hand..."

Bringing the light of change to my family

"Thanks so much for your quick response to my last order. The "Sabbath in Crisis" is extremely well written, and more than exceeded my expectations! Not only does it clarify what I have found in my Bible studies concerning the New Covenant, it brings into the light many other scriptures. As a former WWCG member, I know the peace and freedom that is 'stolen' by these so called 'remnant churches' whose main message is not the true Gospel of Christ, and not the 'fear of God' that leads to the beginning of wisdom, but is false pride and arrogance that they are the 'only true church' as evidenced by their distorted requirements of Old Testament doctrine, that leads to a paralyzing 'fear' of leaving their 'church'. I thank the Lord and the Holy Spirit, that I did not follow _______ into first the LDS church, which I spent countless hours researching Joseph Smith and their doctrines, and then later the SDA church with their false prophetess EG White. Thanks for your ministry, which I pray and believe is bringing the light of change to my family. It's hard sometimes having been through three of the greatest deceptions in American history of the Gospel, but He promised not to test us beyond what we are able to bear without providing a way out. Looking forward to your response of total for this order and will mail check."

Extremely helpful

"Your book, Sabbath in Crisis, has been extremely helpful and still is a great reference work. Please send me one copy of 'The Sabbath and the Lord's Day' and the video, 'Seventh-day Adventism: The Spirit Behind the Church.'"

 SDA Pastor..."real problems with much of Adventist theology"

"Dale, I haven't met you, but I wanted to let you know how much your book helped me sort out questions I had a bout Adventist theology for many years, as an Adventist pastor. I knew in my heart (from my theological training) that there were some real problems with much of Adventist theology. Although I came to similar conclusions, on my own (of course, with the Holy Spirit's guidance), your books really helped to bring it all together! I'm presently working with 9 Adventists, on line, who are looking for answers, which I'm directing to your web site. Keep the faith."

Professionally done video on Seventh-day Adventism

"I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done in putting out such a professionally done video on Seventh-day Adventists. It hit the main points very well. I think it will be an excellent resource for those in Adventism seeking the truth about Ellen White and the church teachings, as well as warn those outside Seventh-day Adventism about what this church truly teaches. God bless you all as you continue to share the good news of the gospel of Christ with those deceived by the cults!"

(From an SDA Pastor) "You are basically a Jehovah's Witness"

"Dale: ...You may not like this but you are basically a Jehovah's Witness. You have the same distorted mindset. You refuse to follow accepted scripture reasoning. The trouble is that many of the witnesses are brainwashed by the dead end type reasoning that they use inadvertently. Many of them will be saved because of their integrity. They live what they have been taught. You on the other hand have done so deliberately because your pride refuses to accept reality...Get real Dale, no one is that blind. You see why I do not believe you. You are either not a very bright person, or your pride is preventing you from surrendering your life to the will of God. I prefer to believe the latter. Better wake up Dale, there is not much time lift."

He has had a change of heart

"I want to say thank you again for your book "Sabbath in Crisis". I sent it to my brother who was involved in a Seventh-day Adventist church and thanks to you has had a change of heart...I'll be placing an order for at least 1/2 dozen copies. Until thin, my prayers are with you and Life Assurance Ministries."

(From an SDA Writer) Profound neglect of Bible evidence

"Over and over again, your research demonstrates a profound neglect of the Biblical evidence...The Bible does not teach salvation by forensic righteousness alone. In the plainest language possible, the Bible declares that both justification and sanctification are the means of our salvation."

[Note on the above statement: If sanctification, which is God's work of grace IN us, is included in the means of salvation then one NEVER knows when that work is COMPLETE ENOUGH. It makes salvation partly by grace and partly by works. This leads to two alternatives: either one becomes discouraged and gives up for his own perfection is never good enough, or one sets up standards which are far below true, godly perfection, which is found ONLY in Christ. When one reaches these arbitrary standards, then, and then only, does one have assurance. That assurance, however, is falsely placed in the person's life, rather than in Christ. I believe the above statement is a clear example of a complete misunderstanding of the new covenant gospel--Dale Ratzlaff]

Sacred cow issues

"My great-grandfather worked for over 30 years at the Sanitarium in Battle Creek, MI...He saw all of the squabbling between the Adventists and Dr. Kellogg and was not very impressed with the Adventist Church...In reading your book, I can see that you have a very keen mind on the matter of what the covenants were about. I can feel for you that you have no doubt lost many of your former friends. I have lost many of mine, and I assume that human nature works the same everywhere. I congratulate you in your ability to tackle the sacred cow issues of an organization, even though I am sure it has cost you in reputation and financially as I am sure you either had to resign or were terminated from employment with the Adventist system of education. It takes conviction to do so...I will be sure to recommend your book to any and all of my friends with inquiring minds. Thanks again for taking the time to have written such a complete and readable book on the subject of theSabbath."

Canright finally put the pieces together

"I have read several books on the life of Mrs. White but the book by Canright finally put the pieces together like no other book. Thank you for making the book available through your website. I have read all of your books and compliment you on your scholarship and courage. Several years ago, you recommended that I read Bob George's "Classic Christianity". I did and was greatly blessed!...May God continue to bless your ministry as the Holy Spirit frees many SDAs from bondage into the abundant life of grace."

Impassioned attempt to have me disfellowhsipped

"Dale, ... The local conference president has made an impassioned attempt to have me disfellowhsipped. I am also disappointed in him--if he has nothing better to do than castigate those who do not agree with him, he is on the wrong track. I disagree with the stance of many SDAs in regard to many of the "27 Fundamentals" but I feel my time is better spent promoting Christ than in detracting anyone else..Please keep my on the mailing list...I am still open-minded (rare among SDAs!)"

Keeping some of the law, neglecting to follow all the law, why?

"So many Churches still borrow whatever they like to pick and choose from the Old Testament, "keeping" some of the law but neglecting to follow all of it as defined by Moses...Not one of the dozens of seventh day groups has been willing to explicitly explain to me exactly and precisely which Old Testament laws I myself am bound to keep and just as precisely why I do not have to keep certain other Old Testament laws! When the questions is put this way they seem to think I should be able to read their minds or follow their spirit or something because they refuse to reply..."

It is obvious you haven't read the Bible

"It is obvious by the statement that you have made you haven't read the Bible and if you have your weren't inspired enough to understand what you read. You make various claims and accusations. It sounds as though you may be or have been inspired by the empty Jesuit beliefs and manipulative assertions...I do attend the SDA church for no other reason other than they are the closest to following the scriptures than any religion that I have studied or with whom I have been affiliated...I Do not subscribe to the premise of Ellen White being a prophetess. So thus do not defend her statements or teachings over 80 years back...It is obvious that you are not knowledgeable of the scriptures and are giving your rather limited view whether it be intentionally maligned or just using someone else's limited views to deceive the public, may I remind you you are going to have to account for your actions and intentions..."

We pray for your ministry

"We were very happy to receive your brochure showing resource materials available, to hear of the tremendous response to your ministry and how the Lord is blessing and expanding it! Cultic Doctrine and Sabbath in Crisis are excellent. May our Lord bless you abundantly in this new year. We pray your ministry will be the means of brining many out of darkness into the marvelous light of the gospel!"

I could not agree more!

"Dear Mr. Ratzlaff, bought your Sabbath book when it first came out several years ago, and it helped me make the final break. I was a fourth generation Adventist, and taught at Andrews University for ___ years and Pacific Union College for____ years. I also worked for the Adventist Health System. I have sought truth all my life, and tried with all my heart and sole to be a perfect Seventh-Day Adventist Christian. But the more I studied scripture, the more I realized that Adventists held doctrines that were not Biblical. Two years ago, after much heart searching and prayer, I left the Adventist church. I felt a sense of freedom that I have never known before. I worship in a church where people really love each other, and earnestly seek to do the will of God. I recently read your "Cultic Doctrine" book, and could not agree with it more. It is so sad that so many Seventh-day Adventists do not really understand the Gospel. They do not realize that the essence of Christianity is a living relationship with a risen Savior, Jesus Christ. And that through moment by moment surrender to the Holy Spirit we can be the true humans that God intended us to be. That we can be obedient to God and fulfill His desire that we love Him with all our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves. I pray daily for my Christian brothers and sisters in the Adventist Church, and the many people in it who are unsure of their salvation, caught up in legalism and are afraid of God. I also cry for the youth, who reject God because of the kind of God the Adventist Church portrays. Well, I must close, and not waste your time. But I want to thank you for all that you have done for me and many others to help us find a closer walk with God, and escape the cultic Adventist church. May God richly bless you as you continue your ministry."


"I've been reading like crazy. Read the "Cultic" book in one sitting! You can imagine my surprise at every turn...Why did they have to lie to us? Don't these people understand the damage they've done? I almost turned my back on Christ forever because of my confusion. I am going to try to expose some of my family to this information. I have never been so confident of the hand of God in my life. I have relayed some of the information to _____ She is amazed at some of the things I have told her. Thank-you for your courage and honesty....Why have so many tried to keep the darkness around us?"

The beast is beginning to make his move

"Surely you must see the significance of the contents of Des Domini (the Popes most recent letter) and the inevitable push to declare Sunday a global day of rest. The beast is beginning to make his move. Brother don’t play into his hands..."

I've never seen anything that covers the subject so well!

"I received 'Sabbath in Crisis' and it has to be one of the most thorough studies on the covenants. I have never seen anything that covers the subject so well...I escaped from the Catholic church and there salvation by works and still struggled with that mindset and ever time I read and reread 'Sabbath in Crisis' the amazing grace and true freedom and rest in Christ come through. Thank you again for writing these books, exposing false doctrine and helping others to clearly see the truth--the truth that Christ really does set us free."

Not for the fainthearted

"Brother Dale, I Received the books today. Already read through D.M. Canright’s, Whew! This book is not for the fainthearted. I feel like I’ve been walking in darkness for many years, ‘But now I see!’ Your ministry is in my prayers. May the LORD bless you with a rich harvest of souls for the kingdom. And may your books continue to be used ‘to set the captives free.’"

It should be much more widespread

"First, I want to thank you for your wonderful book, 'Sabbath in Crisis'. I have been studying this subject for 1 1/2 years and have waded through a lot of material. I wish I had know about your book sooner... Second, you must be aware of the hung upheaval in the Worldwide Church of God--a sabbath-keeping church. Your book has played a tremendous role in enlightening the members and ministers of this church...Some of those who have broken away from this church are spreading slander about you, trying to discredit you. They are saying that you are now an anteist. I gues the idea is that if you give up keeping the 7th day, God will give you over to a reprobate mind."

Seeing through a different perspective

"Mr. Ratzlaff: I have read with great interest and great personal joy your book ‘Sabbath in Crisis’. I spent 40 years as an SDA and then the last 12 years trying to find a place in the Christian community outside the church. The Sabbath always held me back. A good friend and ex-SDA minister mailed your book to me a few weeks ago, and I’m beginning to allow myself to see through a different perspective. I am interested in ordering 2 copies of the book for myself and a friend."

Lay off the Clear Word Bible

(Note: the following letter is given letter for letter the way it was received) "Whatz the matter, find a Bible that was easy to understand, and you couldn’t appreciate it? Makes ministers (or "Reverands", which you probably are) un-needed. Whatz a matter, fraid of losing somee tithe money? Hey, I have read the KJV Bible from cover to cover many times, as well as the Clear Word Bible. Note, DUMBASS, that it is for ADVENTISTS, and not the general public. It is meant to be easier to read for Adventists, and not as a study Bible. You are probably one of the ones that still think of the Sabbath as a Jewish thing, and not one that was instituted by God. Get a life, and lay off the Clear Word Bible. In the mean time, may God go to WAR against you until you do! Predator"

The result is clear and unmistakable

"Dear Brother Dale, "Seventh Day Adventists are currently holding revival services under a big tent about eight blocks form my house. They invite people to come forward who would like to make a commitment to keeping the Sabbath. A few days ago, three SDA ministers stopped over and did their very best to reconvert me to Sabbath. They seem to feel that since I was once firmly grounded in Sabbath truth and kept Sabbath for a considerable length of time, I was now lost since I had turned my back on Sabbath truth. They, like I once was, are literally obsessed with Sabbath truth (so-called). So I compiled some Scriptures under several headings which presents the true Sabbath truth. When one lets the Scripture speak for themselves, letting the Epistles interpret the Gospels, and both interpret the OT, the result is clear and unmistakable…"

I am learning what Christianity really is

"Caught in a sabbath-keeping, legalistic system for 28 years, I lost so much. The revelation and springboard for catching-up growth came from your book and what it has done for our whole organization--the Worldwide Church of God. We can't recapture the years lost, the time we didn't understand our acceptance by God and our complete justification and freedom through the work of our Christ. But now our joy can be so great and our appreciation so much deeper. I am learning what Christianity really is--letting to, learning to trust and believe. We were so blinded."

They did a poor job of teaching you

"Dale, I was not completely wrong in my assessment of you. You were not a pastor, it appears as I have believed. Whatever training you have had in Bible study is lacking in all the principles of correct deployment the Bible gives us for understanding. Isaiah 8:20, Isaiah 28:10, 2 Timothy 2:15, and Revelation 1:3. I have read all of your debate with Bacchiocchi and the paper you sent me and they are very devoid of sound Biblical principles. Did you attend A Seventh-day Adventist College? If so, they did a poor job of teaching you how to study the Bible. My guess is you are a second or third generation Adventist and went to our schools because your parents sent you, more than of your own volition…Your assessment of me and Ellen White is also 100% wrong…Because Frankly, Dale, you are either a very confused man or you are pulling the wool over a lot of people’s eyes. There are NO missing pieces in the Adventist Message, no not one. You either have never carefully looked at this point or you do not want to look. I see the remote chance by seeing your studies and talking with you, that you may be sincere. I have to confess, you are a good actor, if you are not."

Thank you for the thoughtful and well researched books

"Dear Brother Dale: Thank you for the thoughtful and well researched books. I read "Cultic Doctrine" in one sitting. It validated my previous conclusion that the ‘investigative judgment’ is not scriptural, and that Ellen White was not a prophet…Thank you for your work."

I can not thank God enough for this miracle

"Dear Dale Ratzlaff, Praise God for you work. I was quite happy to go through your home page. It was through your books that God opened my husband’s eyes and took him away from Adventism. I can not thank God enough for this miracle…Keep up your good work."

The pillars of the SDA church...should not be tampered with our changed

"Now I believe God gave us the Spirit of Prophecy [writings of Ellen G. White] as a guide, a pilot, to steer us through treacherous shoals and keep us from making shipwreck of our lives. The Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy are both inspired so that they do not contradict each other, that the Bible is first in authority and the S. of P. is second. I believe the foundation and the pillars of the SDA church were given to us by the Lord as indicated in Selected Messages, Vol. 1, p. 206-207, [by Ellen G. White] and onward that therefore should not be tampered with or changed...I question whether God can save us personally if we reject sanctuary truths."

Highly informative

"_________ and I finished reading Sabbath in Crisis last night...We found it to be highly informative, very persuasive, logical, easily readable and scripturally accurate. Reading it has removed from our minds any remaining vestiges of cultic Adventist teaching...We cannot urge you strongly enough to get this work on the Christian bookstore shelves as soon as possible."

A must for any SDA

"Pastor, concerning the book, 'Sabbath in Crisis', by Dale Ratzlaff, I've read most of it and find it greatly helpful in my response to Seventh-day Adventists. It is well written and is a must for any SDAs who are earnest to know the truth concerning the SDA church."

Like a cool drink of water on a hot midsummer day

"As a former member of the WCG I refused to read your book, ‘Sabbath in Crisis’ because I thought you were deceived. My wife obtained a copy of your book, and read it, and urged me to read it too. I refused stating that I would get my truth from God’s word. After doing an in-depth study on the Holy Days and covenants I realized things just didn’t add up. I was very upset and confused. I must admit a few months ago I peeked at the first few pages of your book. Now I’m beginning to read it. You make some excellent points that I had not thought about in my own studies. It’s like a cool drink of water on a hot midsummer day."

Like Judas

"Dear Sir, I just want to state that I pity you in your abandonment of the true rest that Jesus provides to His children. Certainly you are aware that as SDA’s we have known all along that just before the end time some among us would abandon ship and become entrenched in the camp of the enemy. How could you now be so blind as not see the great events leading to Sunday legislation are transpiring all around us—just as foretold in Bible Prophecy and of course EGW—and you, as though you received your cue from unseen spiritual powers have risen up against your former brother’s and sister’s to become an enemy against us. Before Jesus could go to the cross, Judas had to do his work too. So I with eagerness look forward to the soon appearing of Jesus in the Clouds of Glory and say to you, former brother, ‘whatever you must do—please, do it quickly.’ I know the success of your attempts will appear to succeed for a short time. I look forward to it—but most of all to that day which will come soon after it. God’s speed to you!"

Thank you so much for your courage

"I am a former SDA who spent ___ years teaching in the higher education system. ___years at ________, ____ years at ______ College and ____ at ____________. A dear friend and former colleague of mine from _____ recently sent me information on how to tap into the Ratzlaff/Bacchiocchi dialogue. As I try to keep an open mind, I subscribed to the listserve. Having read Bacchiocchi’s last installment, I wanted to commend you for ending it as gracefully as you did. I have often had the same thoughts as I read Bacchiocchi’s words. This was not an honest attempt to research truth but an attempt to justify preconceived belief to a vast audience, many of whom are beginning to think and study for themselves and are becoming restless. In the years ____ at ____ I discovered more and more the lie I was forced to live having my bread buttered by the church. I finally made the break in _____ and removed my name from the church books. It was a decision that should have been made many years earlier. I now have a sense of peace I never knew before…Thank you so much for your COURAGE to mix it up a bit w/Bacchiocchi. You were in a no-win situation with the majority of the SDA readers seeking only a "scholarly" excise to continue with pre-conceived beliefs-someone to do their thinking for them…"

In-depth research, clear, understandable

I personally want to thank you for your in-depth research on the Sabbath; the clear, understandable way you have presented it. It helped me tremendously in my transition study of the covenants. May God bless you."

No new covenant

"There is no "new" covenant. Where did anyone every come up with that idea? The relationship between God and man has been a continuous relationship form the time of Adam. Had Adam been able to think through his problems with Eve with the gray matter between his ears rather than the muscle hanging between his legs, we wouldn’t be having this discussion now…"

Best Treatise on the Sabbath question

"Dear sir: Enclosed is a check for which please send me your book, 'Sabbath in Crisis'. This will be the second book I have ordered. I read the first book and found it the best treatise I have read on the Sabbath question. I may want to order another book later for our church library."

Eminently practical to the objective reader

"My wife and I had been Seventh-day Adventist for 40 years...I have read 'From Sabbath to Lord's Day' and found it quite 'heavy' reading for the average reader. Your book makes the subject mater much more readable and therefore more persuasive. Your dealing with the law, the covenants, and other issues about which there is much error and confusion in Adventist theology, makes the book [Sabbath in Crisis] eminently practical to the objective reader, though SDA's as a group have great difficulty in being objective. I wish to thank you for your study and effort that propelled this book. I am in your debt for it. May God bless you."

The love of sin

"Disguise it as they may, the real cause of doubt and skepticism, in most cases is the love of sin (Steps to Christ, page 111)"

It has greatly blessed me

"Please confirm if my order has been mailed. 7 copies of Sabbath in Crisis, 6 copies of Cultic Doctrine of SDA. I am almost finished reading the Sabbath in Crisis. It has greatly blessed me. My husband said (and I agree) that it is well written. God has surely gifted you in writing. What a blessing!"

Theologically illiterate

"Dear Pastor Dale, I’ve nearly finished the Cult book. The problem with such cultic organizations as SDA, Mormon, Jehovah Wittiness and Christian Science is that all were started by theologically illiterate persons who tried to re-invent Christian theology…Most believers in Adventism are: (1) Theologically illiterate, (2) Have such an investment in the system, they cannot admit they made a poor investment--pride is involved, (3) It’s a social commitment--all their friends are there in spite of the above. I have no anger. Christ Jesus is Lord and Master and I am His younger brother by God’s grace."

An answer to prayer

"Dear Pastor Ratzlaff: I have just finished reading your book, The Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-day Adventists" and am now reading your other book, Sabbath in Crisis. I want to let you know that your books are an answer to my prayers of many years ago…when I first learned that what Jesus did on the cross for me is my salvation through the Four Spiritual Laws. I started working with Campus Crusade that year and was confronted with the question ‘are you sure you are a Christian?’ Anyway, to make the long story short, I prayed and accepted Jesus in my life (which I thought I did when I was baptized in the SDA church when I was, I think, 13 years old, little did I know) and began a personal relationship with Him. During that time I began to see some doctrines in the SDA church that I had problems with. You books have answered all those questions that I struggled with for so many years. I am a third generation SDA, but I don’t call myself a Seventh-day Adventist anymore. Just like you, I cannot support the doctrine of the investigative judgment. It’s been 20 years before God answered my prayer but I always believe in His perfect timing. Before I found out about your book on the internet, God had been creating a hunger for a much deeper meaning of His Word and also just to have more of Him in my life. Your book could not have come in a more timely manner…"

Howling in agony

"Dear Elder Ratzlaff, how can I reach your heart? Regardless of what I write or say you won’t listen to me. But I want you to remember that I tried. If you think that we don’t have anybody in our church to meet your challenge you are mistaken. I can take on you, or Dr. Ford, or anybody else, any time, any where, any day and disprove every single heresy that you are teaching, not just on the Sabbath but also on the Sanctuary. I’m also an ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister. I also had a spiritual journey just as you had but instead of leaping out of Adventism like you did, I was brought from Roman Catholicism into the truth. You can publish your books in any color your want; pink, green, or grey it doesn’t make any difference; you can’t tore down the fourth commandment. The only part of the Bible that was not inspired was Ex. 20:2-17 because it was written with God’s own finger (Ex. 32:16). I have read your 336 page book and I want you to know that your teachings are wrong. I pity your soul my child and I fear that EW [Early Writings] 36 will be applicable in your life. This is what the Spirit of Prophecy [Writings of Ellen White] declares: ‘Then I was shown a company who were howling in agony. On their garments was written in large characters, "Thou art weighed in the balance, and found wanting." I asked who this company were. The angel said, "these are they who have once kept the Sabbath and have given it up." I heard them cry with a loud voice, "We have believed in Thy coming and taught it with energy." And while they were speaking, their eyes would fall upon their garments and see the writing, and then the would wail aloud."’ I just wanted you to know that I’m here waiting for you or anybody else to come against me. I have prayed for God to give me one thousand souls for every one that you mislead into error. I want you to know that God have made me a great soul winner and that He will give me thousands upon thousands of precious souls who will believe in the everlasting gospel’. I don’t want to prove you wrong Darel, that’s too easy for me; I want your soul…I want you back into the truth…Jesus is coming again. Maranatha."

This Church desperately needs to know Jesus

"Dale, It does trouble me some that I could be looked upon as part of a cult. I do not see this denomination as a cult, but there are some who very much sound cultic. Dwight Nelson’s sermon could have easily been interpreted by the rest of the evangelical community as having cultic remarks. If you could have heard his sermon Thursday a.m., you would hear his strong statements about believing in EGW, not being ashamed of her teaching, even if the Bible does not support her…There are some SDA’s who understand the gospel. Although, most SDA’s think the gospel is the 3 angels message. This Church desperately needs to know Jesus. I found it interesting that J. David Newman, when he was editor of Ministry Magazine, began emphasizing the Cross of Christ, and was removed. When that happened I quite reading the magazine…"

Resigned after 30 years

"Your book was highly recommended by ______. We resigned from the SDA church after 30 years in 'the work'. ____ was asked to sign a 'loyalty oath' stating in part that EGW's writings were equal to Scripture. ____ didn't sign--fired. We praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy. Like Paul, it has taken us about 14 years to be thankful for the road in which God has lead us...We read the Bible only each morning and find the gospel uplifting and invigoration. We pray for your ministry."

Like living in a fog then being released from bondage!

"Dale,…"I’m beginning to see the cult-like characteristics of the SDA church. EGW puts people into psychological bondage by telling them that if they leave the church they are ‘falling off the path’ and that many will be ‘shaken out’ of the church. After reading these statements one might stay in the church out of fear alone! You know, Dale, it is like I’ve been living in a fog all these years. When I first had a born-again experience at age ____ I started to visit other Christian meetings, such as ______ and really enjoyed them. I had a wonderful Christian experience and had the love of God flowing in my life. But then I began to read heavily in EGW and I can see how I gradually became isolated and narrow-minded. I lost the joy of my experience and began to become very concerned with the externals of obedience. I made a point to avoid meetings of other Christians because I did not want to be ‘contaminated’. When I witnessed to other people, I would find myself telling them about the Sabbath, meat-eating, or the state of the dead instead of about Jesus! Maybe it was because I had lost sight of Jesus. I feel like I’ve been released from bondage! I can see the danger of raising standards which are not found in God’s Word. Becoming lax is not the only way to stray form God. One can stray away from God just as easily by becoming too concerned with externals…"

From "foe" to "brother"

"Dale, I used to view you through SDA glasses as an enemy and a foe, now I see that you are a friend and a brother, and I thank you for sending your books to me."

Your book is a fulfillment of prophecy

"Dearest Brother Ratzlaf, …I am sorry that you felt the burden to pen such a book as this. It is my studied conviction that you are sadly misguided in your understanding of the pre-advent judgment and the prophetic ministry of Ellen G. White…Brother I would counsel you to do three things: 1) plead with God for the ‘eyesalve’ of the Spirit and the ability to discern spiritual things, then 2) prayerfully re-read the last 20 chapters of the Great Controversy, and finally 3) look through ‘Spirit-discerning eyes’ at 1998…’The very last deception of Satan will be to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God. "Where there is no vision, the people perish" (Prov. 29:18). Satan will work ingeniously, in different ways and through different agencies, to unsettle the confidence of God’s remnant people in the true testimony.’ 2 SM pg. 78. Brother Ratzlaff, you book is a fulfillment of this prophecy."

SDAs teaching another gospel

"Over the past year, I have spent many hours in the Andrews University (James White) Library researching the SDA history and doctrine. The more I researched, the more I questioned the visions and teachings of Ellen G. White, and whether or not I was living in the midst of a great cult movement. Last week, I came across your book, "The Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-day Adventists", in a Christian bookstore. I read the book, including every footnote, with great intensity. I nearly broke out in tears to learn that close friends and extended family members are entrenched in this cult. But, I do agree that the SDAs are teaching another gospel."

Reformation coming to SDA church like WCOG

"Hello Dale, I have read your Sabbath in Crisis and thought you made some good points, though I still disagree with some of the covenant descriptions and definitions (esp. 2 Cor. 3). But I do believe that a similar reformation will take place within SDA that took place in the Worldwide Church of God. It will be painful and tumultuous, bur biblically it must come about…"

The most permanent foundation stone of my faith

"Dear Elder Ratzlaff: I was a student of yours at Monterey Bay Academy in _____. My brother, ______, just e-mailed to me the address of your Web Page. I have ordered both of your books. It was gratifying to see that several chapters of your books speak of the undiminishable gift of salvation. Your semester on Romans 1-8 at Monterey Bay Academy formed the most permanent foundation stone of my faith. I just wanted to write a quick note to say, again, thanks. I can still see a tear in your eye, as you explained (for what must have been at least the 100th time) exactly what we must do to obtain salvation--nothing but accept the gift. It has been obtained for us..."

Kicked off the SDA Net

"Dear Dale, Due to your well-known advocacy against the Seventh-day Adventist church and its doctrines we will not allow you to join SDAnet. You have been unsubscribed.--Steven C. Timm, SDAnet moderator for the SDAnet board." [Note: Truth has nothing to fear]

It is the very best

"I want to buy two copies of Sabbath in Crisis and one copy of Cultic Doctrine. I love your book on the Sabbath!!!! It is the very best."

It absolutely glorifies Jesus Christ!

"I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your book, 'Sabbath in Crisis'. It absolutely glorifies Jesus Christ! My worship towards our Savior and Lord has been electrified and given new life...Thanks again and please continue to yield yourself as an instrument and vessel of God and Christ."

Planning on leaving the Adventist ministry this year

I appreciated your book, 'Sabbath in Crisis'. Although I didn't agree with every conclusion, you have definitely done your homework. I'm a Seventh-day Adventist pastor who is planning on leaving the Adventist ministry this year. I've studied the doctrine for years and feel that much of Adventist 'truth' is bondage. I may preach Christ and His righteousness, but 95% of other Adventist churches have a misunderstanding, in my opinion of grace and justification.

The light broke through and my life will never be the same

"About 6 years ago I went through a personal crisis. There were many things in Adventism that I did not agree with and I decided to go on a quest to find out who God really is with no particular denominational influence. Your books have helped me so much to know who God is. I was an SDA for approx. 56 years. I was also an avid E.G. White reader. I never knew what Salvation by Faith was, I never really knew my wonderful, loving, heavenly Father. I felt more and more hopeless. I have had to read and reread your books to get the concepts to stick in my mind. The E.G.W. tapes in my head kept running. But, praise the Lord, one day in Mid-April of this year, the light broke through and my life will never be the same...I do get lonely, but I would rather be alone with my new found love for my Savior than to go back to the S.D.A. church just to have friends...I keep wanting to know more about Jesus, to know Him better. I want Jesus to come soon. I am looking for that day with longing. (I always dreaded it before). The books you have written are excellent. You have done a good thing."