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Internet Web Links

We believe the information on the following web sites will be informative to former Seventh-day Adventists, inquiring Adventists, Sabbatarians and concerned Evangelicals. We do not, however, necessarily endorse everything on some of these sites.

This site is now the place to go for back issues of Proclamation! It is under construction and will soon have all the back issues.

This site hosts the Former Adventist Forum and is an excellent site for those who wish to "talk through" the issues relative to transitioning out of Adventism. It also has an index to all the back issue of Proclamation! providing a valuable library of useful articles for inquiring and transitioning Adventists. There are also Bible studies that can be downloaded.

This web site was developed by former Adventist, Robert K. Sanders and has a wealth of information on many different subjects. Now owned by LAM Inc.

Dirk Anderson, Former Seventh-day Adventist and supporter of Ellen White, the prophetess of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, developed this site. Much of the material is available in about a dozen languages. It is currently operated by Calvary Community Church.

This is Mark Martin's site. Mark is pastor of the rapidly growing, 12,000 member Calvary Community Church in Phoenix Arizona. He had a site: SDA but the Adventist attorneys forced Mark to give up this site. The new site, however, is much better than the old! It is changing daily so be sure and check it out. You may listen to Mark's live presentations on your computer. You may also download his messages into your ipod. Mark is a gifted communicator and exegetical Bible teacher.

This is Larry Wessels YouTube site where a number of vdeos regarding Adventism are listed.

Are Doug Batchelor's amazing facts really facts? Or are they amazing fiction?

This site is run by Dirk Anderson. You will find much valuable information on Adventism here.

Former Adventist, Timothy Oliver, developed this site. Timothy has a ministry to Mormons and Seventh-day Adventists. Honest truth seekers will find much good material here.

Gary Gent has gathered over 2,200 pages of material that is referenced on this site. There is no reason for anyone to be uninformed about Adventism's true teachings.

Former Adventist pastor, Greg Taylor, edits this site. Greg has, in cooperation with Life Assurance Ministries and other organizations, had a profound influence helping many in Africa make the transition from Adventism into the simple new covenant gospel. Several new churches are now pastored by former Adventist pastors. Greg oversees and guides these men who are spreading the gospel in very difficult situations.

Let former Seventh-day Adventist pastor, Sam Pestes, end the confusion over conflicting theories! Read his analysis of the contrasting covenants given to Abraham and to Moses. Discover which promises and prophecies were fulfilled at the cross and which remain to this day.

On this site R. J. Chaffart shares his personal story of researching the writings on the early church fathers regarding the observance of Sabbath and Sunday. He was stunned to find that the historical facts did not line up with Adventist teachings He continued praying, searching and God revealed to him through the Word truths that convinced him that he must leave Adventism.

Rolaant McKenzie edits this site. Many former Adventists, including pastors, have reached the conclusion that the SDA church is a borderline cult, Find out why.

What Seventh-day Adventists NEED to know

This site is edited by Janet Brown. She has gathered the material she felt was relevant to her decision to leave the SDA church and what she feels every Adventists NEEDS to know.

Watchman Fellowship is dedicated to defending true Christianity and has a ministry to cults and aberrant religious groups.

Edda Kunert Sweedish book on Adventism.
Adventismens speciella läror
You can purchas it here: