Chapter Titles

1.   The Origin and Future of

2.   Jewelry and God's People

3.   God's Attitude Toward Jewelry

4.   Jewelry in Biblical Imagery

5.   Extravagance in the Use of

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The Truth About Jewelry
From a Biblical Perspective

by Kenneth D. Brantley, Lh.D.
and Julie Tivy Boney, M.A.
67 pages, $9.95

The Truth About Jewelry Masterfully uses adornment to help distinguish between religious and cultural practice. As Brantley and Boney systematically show, wearing jewelry and fine raiment is not uniquely connected with an identification with God or the world; the person wearing the jewels and its purpose determines whether it is counted for righteousness or evil.

This book answers from a thorough study of the biblical accounts what relationship the wearing of jewelry has to the Christian life.

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