Chapter Titles

1.   Ellen G. White and

2.   Doctrinal Authority for the
      SDA Church

3.   Evidence for Inspiration
      and Health Reform

4.   Contradictions and

5.   Plagiarism: Stealing From

6.   Second Coming of Christ

7.   The Shut Door

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Ellen G. White & Inspiration
Was she the
"spirit of prophecy"
in the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

by Maurice Barnett
70 pages, $6.95

This booklet is written primarily to inform non-Adventists about the subject at hand, with sufficient explanation of backgrounds to understand the points made. It is also written to challenge the thinking of Seventh-day Adventist people about what they have accepted as their authority. The material is plain in its presentation, but presented with the kindest of feelings for the readers, especially the Adventist reader. Though not an Adventist, the author is acquainted with Adventists and has a great concern for their spiritual and eternal welfare. It is prayerfully hoped that this booklet will be read with an open mind. The author of this booklet has been an evangelist for the past thirty-one years, working with various local churches in different parts of the country. For the past eighteen years he has worked with on congregation in Phoenix, Arizona. His educational background includes two and a half years a the University of Arkansas, with a B.A. in Religion from Harding College, Searcy, Arkansas, with additional graduate studies. A great amount of his study has been on various cults. He has published two volumes of material on Jehovah's Witnesses, and two volumes on Mormonism, along with other booklets and tracts. Mr. Barnett shows that Adventist apologists have not been able to give satisfactory answers to the many problems with the writings of Ellen White and Adventist theology.

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