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Free Books

Need: We get hundreds of requests for free books from people all over the world and from those who are incarcerated and have no income. We have given away over $20,000 of free books over the past several years and hope to be able to continue.

Free Books Now Available: Because of lack of funds we are now only sending out a limited number of free books. We respond to each request on a case by case basis. If you fall into one of the situations indicated below we may be able to send you free books if funds allow:

  • All Spanish speaking Seventh-day Adventist Pastors, elders or other Spanish speaking SDA leaders.

  • Former Adventist pastors in Africa.

  • People who are incarcerated.

  • Special needs.

  • Active, approved Former Adventist Fellowships.
  • We will send a free Cultic Doctrine to any Seventh-day Adventist pastor who will read it and requests it. Send request to:


Donors Needed: If you could partner with us in this ministry we would be able to respond to many more requests for free books. There are many thousands of people who are desperately seeking to know the truth of the simple new covenant gospel of Christ received by Grace alone, through faith alone, revealed in the Bible alone. They want answers to the many questions transiting Adventists must face.

If you can help us meet their needs, please click on "Donations" on the left and make a donation to: LAM, Inc. Please state how you wish your donation to be used. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Thanks for partnering with us in this important ministry.