Chapter Titles

1.   Cutting the White Ties

2.   The History and Teachings of
      Seventh-day Adventism

3.   A Closer Look at Ellen G. White

4.   Molehills Into Mountains

5.   The Great Advent Nonevent

6.   Adventism and the Gospel


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Are Seventh-day Adventists
False Prophets?
A Former Insider Speaks Out

by Wallace D. Slattery
60 pages, $6.95

As much as the Slatterys did not want to face that question, they could not avoid it. For four years they wrestled with doubts as they investigated the writings of Ellen White, the claims of SDA historians, the yoke of regulations placed on Adventist followers, and the doctrines of Adventism in comparison to what the Bible says.

"Having lived under the yoke of Adventism for over 40 years, I am a witness to the joy of being liberated from its clutches by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now it is my privilege to share what wonderful news with others. The startling discoveries that led to my wife's and my leaving the SDA church and the finding of my further research into Adventism as it compares with biblical truth are briefly explained in the pages that follow." Wallace D. Slattery

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