Chapter Titles

1.    Introduction

2.   The Great Denominational Test

3.   Claims Made for Her Writings

4.   Brief Sketch of Her Life

5.   Where Now Is Their "Spirit of

6.   Erroneous Views Concerning the

7.   The Shut Door, or Probation for
      Sinners Ended October 22, 1844

8.   Damaging Writings Suppressed

9.   Philosophy of Her Visions

10. A Great Plagiarist

11. Used Her Gift to Get Money

12. Her High Claims Disproved

13. First Visions Childish

14. Editor Smith Rejected Her

15. Her Prophecies Fail

16. Claimed to Reveal Secret Sins

17. Influenced to Write Testimonies

18. Broke the Sabbath Nine Years

19. The Reform Dress

20. Her False Visions About the

21. "Give Sunday to the Lord"

22. Conclusion






The Life of Mrs. E.G. White
Seventh-day Adventist Prophet
Her False Claims Refuted

by D.M. Canright
291 original pages
185 pages, $12.95

Canright was a contemporary of Ellen White and published this book in 1916, the year of his death. In the Preface of this book, in speaking of Seventh-day Adventists, Canright says:

"They have published several books bearing on her [Ellen White's] life and work, in which they have gathered together and construed everything possible in her favor. From reading these books one would never know that she ever made a mistake, plagiarized, practiced deception, or wrote alleged inspired writings which had to be suppressed."

"The public, therefore, has a right to know the other side of the life of Mrs. White. "

"The writer [Mr. D. M. Canright] is perhaps better qualified to give the facts regarding that phase of her life than any other person living [written in 1916], as he united with her people almost at their beginning, now nearly sixty years ago, when they numbered only about five thousand. He has all the writings of Mrs. White in those early days. Some of the most damaging of these have been suppressed. Neither the public nor their own people, except a few officials, know of these old 'revelations.' His intimate association with Mrs. White gave him an opportunity to know and observe her as no one without such association could possible have."

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