Chapter Titles

1.   The Adventist Dilemma

2.   Adventist Upbringing

3.   Adventist Education

4.  The Hunger for More

5.  The Issue of Ellen White

6.  The Investigative Judgment

7.   The Sabbath in Colossians

8.   The Sabbath in Galatians

9.   The Sabbath in the Other

10.   The Sabbath in Acts

11. The Sabbath in Revelation

12. The Sabbath in the Gospels

13. The Sabbath in the Old

14. Adventist Sticking Points

15. What About Sunday?

16. After Adventism?

17. Conclusion

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Discovering the New Covenant
Why I Am No Longer a
Seventh-day Adventist

by Greg Taylor, 160 pages, $10.00

In "Discovering the New Covenant—why I am no longer a Seventh-day Adventist," Greg Taylor shares the struggles and fears he and his family had in coming to grips with what they discovered about the church they loved. They know what it is to wrestle with knowing the inevitable consequences of following the truth and their consciences. They endured the rejection of friends and co-workers and left generations of tradition to follow the truth. Greg and his family did the hard thing and the right thing, they open-heartedly looked for truth and embraced it when they saw it. The truth has set them free.

In many ways, it takes an Adventist to know an Adventist’s questions and struggles, that is the reason this book more than empathizes, it empowers. Greg’s story will encourage thousands of other truth-seekers around the world to step out in faith and follow our Savior, no matter the cost.

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