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and list of chapter titles.

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Gospel Transformation
Dale Ratzlaff

Cultic Doctrine

   Dale Ratzlaff

My Cup Overflows
Carolyn Ratzlaff

Sabbath in Christ Newly Revised
   Dale Ratzlaff

The about Adventist "Truth"
    Dale Ratzlaff

Truth Led Me Out
Dale Ratzlaff

The Christian "in Christ"
David K. Spurbeck Sr.
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White Out
    Dirk Anderson

Note: Dirk Anderson now has three
new books on his website at:

They are:

More than a Profit, Less than a Prophet,
Prophet? or Pretender?
National Sunday Law--Fact or Fiction?

Discovering the New Covenant

     Greg Taylor

White Washed
Sidney Cleveland

White Lie
    Walter Rea

A Theologian's Journey
    Jerry Gladson

The Sabbath and the Lord's Day
     H.M. Riggle

The Life of Mrs. E.G.White
     D.M. Canright

The Truth About Jewelry
     Kenneth Brantley & Julie Tivy Boney

E.G. White & Inspiration
     Maurice Barnett

Are Seventh-day Adventists False Prophets?
     Walter D. Slattery