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There are many books and articles here that will take many days to study. These are made available for those who are seeking truth.

Daniel Hankor, (Ph.D.) Bible Translator Consultant, January 14, Addia Abeba, Ethiopia. Here is a 9 page article Dr. Hankor wrote that is helping the 12,000 Adventist members who have left 87 SDA churches in Ethiopia. It is entitled, "Investagating some of the Seventh-day Adventist Teachings in the Light of the Gosepl"

Tim Ward, The Authors' verses the Testimonies: a Search for Truth.

Dr. Des Ford's 1844, Day of Atonement Book

This is out of print but is now available as a free pdf file. This is a large book of some 783 pages.

Walter Ray, The White Lie

This out of print book my be downloaed a chapter at a time.

Daniel 8:14

What this really teaches by Dale Ratzlaff. This is a study of this verse in its historical and contextual setting. Ellen G. White on several occasions said this verse was "the central pillar of Adventism". Therefore it deserves careful study.

THE LORD'S DAY NEITHER FROM CATHOLICS OR PAGANS by D. M. Canright – Canright left Adventism after working closely with the Whites for many years and observing her plagiarism, failed visions, and deceptions.  This book proves from history and Early Church history that it is impossible that sun worship or the influence of the Roman Catholic Church had anything to do with Christians abandoning Sabbath-keeping to the point of over-kill.  He conclusively demonstrates that Gentile Christians probably never kept the Sabbath. 

SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISM RENOUNCED by D. M. Canright -  Canright discovered Ellen White was a fraud by working shoulder-to-shoulder with her and her husband, James White, for many years prior to his apostasy in 1887. By then he had thoroughly researched the problems with Sabbatarianism and was armed with a mountain of evidence to prove its impossibility.  Anticipating a soon-coming anti-Sabbatarian, anti-Adventist book by Canright, the Church published its own book in 1888 in an effort to “cut him off at the pass.”   Jumping the gun was a big mistake.  In 1889 Canright published the first edition of this book, refuting the Adventist arguments and referencing his comments to the content of the Adventist book by page number!  Canright discusses Ellen White's plagiarism, failed visions, cover-up of her Doctrine of the Shut Door teachings during the earliest part of her “ministry,” demonstrates the fatal-to-Sabbatarian implications of Colossians 2:14-17, and debunks the apostasy theory of Sabbath abandonment dreamed up by Ellen White.   Canright revised and enlarged this book over several editions.  The version presented here in the final, 1914 edition.

The Sanctuary Doctrine—Asset or Liability? The late Dr. Raymond Cottrell has probably spent more time studying Daniel 8:14, the Investigative Judgment and 1844 than any other person. Here is the last paper he wrote on the subject before his death.

1919 BIBLE CONFERENCE MINUTESThis is perhaps the most shocking of all Adventist documents because it proves that top SDA leaders knew that Ellen White was a fraud no later than 1919, that they discussed whether to cover-up the fact that she was a fraud, or to tell the Church the truth about her at that time. One by one, almost every participant in that highly secret meeting declares his or her conviction that her claims of direct, divine inspiration are fraudulent.  They discuss her extensive plagiarism, and they specifically discuss how they will keep the truth about Ellen White from the theology students at the seminary if they choose to continue the cover-up. The series of meetings ended without any decision on their part, so the cover-up continued as it had for decades, and until this very day.  Shocking reading for any Seventh-day Adventist!  Flabbergasting reading for any Evangelical Christian who will be dumbfounded by the twisted thinking of so-called Christians who could conclude that they could lie for God because the Church organization was more important that truth itself!

PIRATES OF PRIVILEGE by Dr. Walter Rea – Walter Rea was ostensibly fired from the Adventist Church by exposing the colossal extent of Ellen White's plagiarism as outlined in his 1982 book, The White Lie. However, his extensive inside knowledge of Church corruption in regard to the Davenport Scandal would have cooked his goose, so to speak, in and of itself.  Davenport was an SDA physician and real estate developer who ran a Ponzi scandal which bilked the Adventist Church and some of its individual privileged few of mega millions of dollars.  On top of the knowledge he had of the scandal from sitting on high level Church financial committees, Davenport's wife brought he and her husband's divorce decree to Rea because he was, at that time, the pastor, of the Seventh-day Adventist Church she attended.  Rea noticed a huge list of Church entities and individuals to whom Davenport owed large sums of money.  At the same time his inside knowledge of the Church's financial dealings with Davenport told him that Davenport had failed to disclose a huge amount of other financial assets, as well as some liabilities, in the decree.  After Dr. Rea's firing, the Church took away his retirement benefits-- a big blow to a pastor who was nearing 60 years of age at the time.  Dr. Rea successfully sued the Seventh-day Adventist Church to regain those retirement benefits, but in order to accomplish this he had to agree not to publish his newly written book about the Church's involvement in the Davenport Scandal.  Thus, in a very real sense, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been paying “hush money” to Rea ever since. That was so long ago now that the statute of limitations has expired, and Dr. Rea is now able to publish this book.  Reading Pirates of Privilege will show you Adventist leaders acting as if they did not believe there was a Hell to shun or a Heaven to win, much less that they believed in the unique doctrines of Adventism, such as the Sabbath, Ellen White, and the Investigative Judgment! 

LIFE OF MRS. E. G. WHITE by D. M. Canright –  Canright deals with the absurdity of Ellen White's claims of direct, divine inspiration and demonstrates how she used the Church and how the Church used her to achieve their respective and sometimes contradictory agendas.  Since the book is focused on Ellen White, rather than other problems with Adventism, his treatment of her plagiarism, failed prophecies, the Shut Door issue, and other specific problems with her prophetic claims are comprehensive and well-documented.  It is incredible that Adventist leaders continued to deny such problems as her plagiarism up until the 1980's in view of the fact that Canright documented the problem so meticulously in this book.  It is likely to be a difficult “read” for any Seventh-day Adventist, as it nailed Adventist leaders “to the wall” when it comes to proving beyond any doubt that they knew she was a fraud, yet went to amazing lengths to cover for her.

No Sabbath in Genesis

Doctors Bacchoicchi, MacCarty & Dupreez Wreak Havoc

Lying for God

"Shut Door of Mercy"--New Discoveries, Dale Ratzlaff
This article is taken from Chapter 7 of Cultic Doctrine but includes four additional pages of newly discovered statements from Ellen White showing that she had several "visions from God" showing beyond the shadow of a doubt that she taught the shut door of mercy until nearly 1851 even though the church has tried either to deny it or cover it up. Well, here it is for all to see and make their own conclusion.

Dirk Anderson has done some interesting research on Ellen G. White and mercury poisoning. Could this explain the enigma of this controversial founder of Adventism?

Without the Central Pillar, "There is no reason for us to exist...We are simply wrong" By Dale Ratzlaff

Ellen White's "I was shown" statements were often, it not usually, copied from others."

The Bible verses the Testimonies of Ellen G. White, by Tim Ward. As a long-time Adventist, Tim Ward sets out to prove that the writings of Ellen White agree with the Bible. His study is insightful.

The Sabbath & the Appointed Times of the LORD by Wes Ringer. This is a thorough Review of Judging the Sabbath by Ron du Preez. This is a must read for anyone wanting to know what "Sabbath" is in view in Colossians 2:16.

The Transitional Path--How to Minister to Seventh-day Adventists." This is a nine page outline Dale Ratzlaff uses when giving presentations to evangelical pastors and leaders.

Principles of New Testament Giving. Dale Ratzlaff

Index to all the Gospel and other articles in Proclamation! There is a wealth of information here for the transitioning or inquiring Adventist. Scroll down until you find what you are looking for.

The Shut-door and the Sanctuary: Historical and Theological Problem, by Wes Ringer. Adventists would like to forget that Ellen Whtie taught a shut-door of mercy. However, for those willing to look at the evidence, the conclusion is clear.

Does the Blood of the OT Sacrifice, Cleanse, Defile or Transport Sin? by Tim Ward. This is a critical question for Adventists. If blood does not defile or transport sin, then the whole scheme of Adventism's sanctuary theology falls. Truth can stand the test of investigation; why not read this and make up your own mind.

The following articles were assembled by Kerry Wynne. He has received permission to post them on the web and has given us permission to do the same. There is a wealth of information in these 16 articles/books. They are PDF files and you will need Adobe Reader to access them. Feel free to pass them on to others. We are listing Mr. Wynne's index and introduction to the CD which these articles are on. The CD is also available.


LYING FOR GOD by Kerry B. Wynne & William H. Hohmann and Robert Sanders 11th edition, (2016) - In this 11th edition there is much new materal including documentation on the Lunar Calendar used by Israel at Sinai which has major implications regarding the Sabbath. Below is the table of contents. However, these are not hyperlinks but will help you know what is included. This is a large pdf file of some 620 pages.

Introduction to the 11th Edition - 5
Chapter 1: Adventist Sunday Law Paranoia - 7
Chapter. 2: Is the Weekly Sabbath Established in the Creation
Narrative - 18
Chapter. 3: Refutation of Cotto – The Sabbath in Genesis - 66
Chapter. 4: Barriers to Sabbatarian Theology - 102
Chapter. 5: The Exodus Journey - 120
Chapter. 6: Sabbath Not an Issue at the Worldwide Church Councils - 125
Chapter. 7: Ignoring Eastern Christianity for 175 Years - 132
Chapter. 8: Book of Jubilees Annihilates Pet Adventist Sabbath Myths - 167
Chapter. 9: The Realities of Church History - 178
Chapter. 10: More Key Barriers to Sabbatarian Theology - 200
Chapter. 11: Barriers to the Sabbatarian-Friendly Interpretation of the Prophecies of Daniel - 219
Chapter. 12: Biblical Barrier – The Lords Day in Revelation - 240
Chapter. 13: Tertullian – Sabbatarian or Anti-Sabbatarian - 242
Chapter 14: The Lunar Sabbath Wreaks Havoc with Adventism - 247
Chapter 15: An in Depth Examination of Colossians 2.14-17 - 285
Chapter 16: Are There Two Classifications of Annual Sabbaths in Colossians 2.14-17-new - 291
Chapter 17: Logic-Common Sense- The Law-And the Covenants - 315
Chapter 18: Sabbath not a Law for Christians - 325
Chapter 19: Why the Sabbath Cannot be a Moral Law - 336
Chapter 20: What Gods Law Is - 342
Chapter 21: Noahide Law and Israels Dual Court System Deflate Sabbatarianism - 346
Chapter 22: What Did Jesus Say - 361
Chapter 23: History's Greatest Religious Cover-Up - 367
Chapter 24: Hellenized Jews – The Septuagint, and the Passover –
Annihilating Bacchiocchis Jewish Persecution Theory - 374
Chapter 25: Examining the Tangled Roots of the Hebrew Roots Movement (new) – Klayman - 386
Chapter 26: Sabbath Keeping in the Early Church (new) – Klayman - 415
Chapter 27: Israel's Restoration: The Key to End-Time Events (new) – Klayman - 425
Chapter 28: The Anti-Christ: Islam or the Papacy? - 431
Chapter 29: Is Israel the Church? (new) – Klayman - 451
Section 2
EGW and Her Enables with Introduction - 459
Chapter 1 The Prophetess from Hell - 462
Chapter 2 Was William Miller a White Collar Criminal - 498
Chapter 3 EGW Falsifies the History of the Reformers - 507
Chapter 4 The Two Faces of Frank M. Wilcox - 513
Chapter 5 The “Genocide Exception” to the Sabbath - 526
Chapter 6 Real History of the Sabbath and Adventism- (Revised 11th Edition) - 535
Chapter 7 EGW Makes Billions for the Church with her Un-biblical Tithing Doctrine - 597
Chapter 8 The Remnant – A Lexical and Exegetical Analysis. (New,11th Edition) - 602
Chapter 9 Unparalleled Hypocrisy and Its Fruits - 612

A DIGEST OF THE SABBATH QUESTION by  Robert D. Brinsmead (1982) – This paper, written in summary form, buttressed his already well-documented research presented in “Sabbatarianism Re-examined”  with a wealth of additional scholarly sources.  It suggests another full year of intense, targeted scholarly effort to make sure that his 1981 essay was well-supported to the point of over-kill.

SABBATH REFUTATIONS by William H. Hohmann – This essay written by a former World Wide Church of God former Sabbatarian and 1976 theology  graduate of the WWCG's Ambassador College,  provides a set of logical refutations of Sabbatarianism from perspectives that few people have ever considered, touching on principles not covered by other formidable anti-Sabbatarian authors.  If anyone has any doubt about the impossibilities of Sabbatarianism after reading all the other books and essays provided on this CD-ROM, this paper will push the reader over  the hurdles of any objections that might be left. 

SANCTUARY DOCTRINE: ASSET OR LIABILITY? By  Dr. Raymond F. Cottrell – Dr. Cottrell is widely recognized to be the greatest SDA theologian of all time.  After he retired, he delivered a lecture, which is recorded in the form of this paper, that exposed the fact that SDA leaders had secretly struggled to find any biblical support for the Doctrine of the Investigative Judgment (Sanctuary Doctrine) without any success.  His account of the cover-up is astonishing.  He was present at the Glacier View trial of Dr. Desmond Ford and recorded the entire proceedings in short-hand.  He reveals the fact that Dr. Ford was unanimously upheld on six of his eight points against the Doctrine of the Investigative Judgment by the group of scholars who had gathered at Glacier View to hear his case-- a remarkable revelation, since the General Conference president, Neal C. Wilson, flew back to Church headquarters in Washington DC after the trial and immediately made a public announcement that the group of scholars had unanimously rejected his stand on the issue!  Additionally, Dr. Cottrell provides conclusive biblical and historical evidence that the theory of the Sanctuary Doctrine is impossible.

SABBATH NOT A LAW FOR CHRISTIANS by Robert K. Sanders – A former Adventist and host of the anti-SDA/Ellen White web-site, Truth or Fables.Com, left Adventism because he could not find biblical support for the Sanctuary Doctrine.  Some years later he studied the Sabbath and concluded that the Bible is very clear in teaching that the Sabbath was part of the Old Covenant.  Sanders debunks the proof-texts used by Adventists to “prove” the Sabbath is required of Christians and proves his points by biblical concepts that demonstrate excellent logical analysis.  It was my reading of this article by Sanders that convinced me, as a Sabbath-keeper for over 50 years, that something must be dreadfully wrong with what the Adventist Church had been teaching me.  After reading this article, I launched on a serious study of the problems with Sabbatarianism that led me not only to reject the Church's claim that Ellen White was a true prophet of God, but to reject Adventism in its entirety.

TITHING: WHAT SCRIPTURE REVEALS by William H. Hohmann – This article will make you wonder if you ever really read the Old Testament, despite the fact that you have probably read it many times.  By a careful study of what the TORAH actually teaches about tithing, Hohmann demonstrates that Adventists are truly guilty of “changing times and laws”-- a charge they have falsely leveled against the Roman Catholic Church for supposedly changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.  Directly from Scripture, Hohmann demonstrates that tithing only applied to agriculture, was largely intended to feed the poor, was often intended to be eaten ceremonially by the people who produced the agricultural products themselves, and even was to be exchanged for alcoholic beverages that were to be served at the tithe-eating feasts!  Protest all you want, God said it, and Hohmann will help you believe it! 

A QUICK PRIMER ON THE RULES OF EVIDENCE by William H. Hohmann – In this article, Hohmann “lays down the law” when it comes to the rules of interpreting Scripture.  He demonstrates why “proof-texting” can lead to some of the most absurd conclusions, and he discusses how Sabbatarian doctrine was arrived at by some highly unfortunate lapses of common sense literary interpretation.  Hohmann, a 1976 theology graduate from The World Wide Church of God's (former) seminary, Ambassador College, was known from his childhood for his exceptionally logical mind.  As a result of reading this paper, you will not only be able to understand the problems with the logic behind Sabbatarianism, but will be able to apply what you learn, not only to understanding the Bible better, but to examining any claim to truth more objectively.

TITHING ARTICLE by Dirk Anderson loved Ellen White's writings so much that he established a web-site to defend her prophetic claims from the critics.  However, the more he tried to defend her, the more he realized his task was impossible.  After reading D. M. Canright's book, Life of Mrs. E. G. White, having been challenged by Dale Ratzlaff to do so, he “flip flopped” and turned his web-site into the single greatest repository of information exposing the fraudulent claims of Ellen White on the Internet today.  Anderson shares his research that proves that Ellen White's claim that God showed her the truth about tithing is still another proof that her visions frequently contradicted God's word.  His work shows that the tithing issue is particularly important to understand about Adventism because the Seventh-day Adventist Church has a track-record of grossly abusing tithe funds. 

TITHING ARTICLE by Robert K. Sanders -  Sanders presents evidence that many conservative Jews living today do not pay tithe because they recognize that  tithing was intended primarily to support the Temple service and the Levites who provide that service, and, of course, there is no such thing today.  He shows how God apparently “showed” Ellen White the wrong tithing system first, and later changed His mind when it didn't work for the Advent believers and “showed” Ellen White the current tithing system Adventists use today. Sanders spent many decades of his life in Adventism, and his experience with the Adventist system has helped him do a good job of explaining how Adventists have perverted God's word to provide a multitude of financial perks that enable many Seventh-day Adventist pastors to live a lifestyle that is far better than that of many of their church members-- including multiple cars, fine homes, and even boats! Sander's expose of Adventist tithing  practice gone astray will shock and amaze Evangelical readers, but it will be very difficult reading for Seventh-day Adventists who have grown up believing that God has blessed the Church financially because its people pay tithe. 

QUESTIONS FOR SABBATARIANS by William H. Hohmann -  Take this questionnaire to a Sabbath-keeping Christian and ask him or her to answer these questions without first looking at the answer “key.”   You Sabbath-keeping brother or sister will find himself or herself face-to-face with the logical fallacies of trying to apply Old Covenant biblical provisions to New Covenant principles.

Open letter to Dr. Gerhard Pfandl, the author of the Sabbath School lessons for the fourth quarter of 2004 on the book of Daniel by Eduardo Martínez-Rancaño.

Did Adventists deceive Walter Martin?--You decide!

Martin/Barnhouse Authentication of Adventists as Evangelicals
By Ralph Weitz

Critique by Dr. Desmond Ford of the 3rd Quarter Adult Sabbath School Lesson, The Gospel, 1844, and Judgment, by Clifford Goldstein. This is a short but powerful critique.


Righteousness beyond the Law
by Dale Ratzlaff. Many people upon hearing that the Old Covenant is no longer binding on Christians seem to be at a loss to find a moral campus. This article will help.

Conscience, is it a Safe Guide?
by Dale Ratzlaff

The Role of Conscience in Christian Freedom
by Dale Ratzlaff

Response to The Gospel, 1844, and Judgment
by Eduardo Martínez-Rancaño. Here is an in-depth response to the resent Seventh-day Adventist Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly. He sent this study to Clifford Goldstein, the author, but Mr. Goldstein has not responded. Therefore, Edurardo asked us to post his article on the web. Truth seekers will want to read this!

Crisis in Freedom
By Dale Ratzlaff, this was the last message Dale Ratzlaff gave as an Adventist Pastor, yet it is still relevant today.

Adventis' "Special Resurrection" Fact or fiction?

The Early Adventist Shut Door of Salvation
By Wes Ringer. Please read his letter of introduction to this study before you read the study itself.

Thoughts on Galatians 2:17-21
Pastor Philemon, Kenya

When Leaving Hurts
By J. LeBron McBride, PhD

SDAs Corrupt Clear Word Bible
By Verle Streifling, PhD

Open Letter to Our Friends and Family
By Greg Taylor

Seeing the Sabbath Through Covenant Eyes
By Kristen Jackson

Days of Delusion - A Strange Bit of History, by Clara Endicott Sears, 1924. This is a fascinating book documenting the Miller Movement. All Adventists should read this to get a bit of history not commonly taught in SDA circles today.

Beware of this Cult
By By Gregory G. P. Hunt, M.D., B.Sc., F.R.C.P.

Cast Out for the Cross of Christ
By Albion F. Ballenger

1919 Bible Conference

Will the Real Jesus Stand Up, Find out the checkered teachings of Ellen White and the SDA church on who Jesus is.
By Verle Streifling, Ph.D.

A Further Response to Samuele Bacchiocchi’s Arguments for the Rise of Sunday Observance in the Second Century Church
By Rodney Nelson

The “Fixed Day” in Pliny’s Letter to Trajan
By Rodney Nelson