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Our Mission: To proclaim the good news of the new covenant gospel of grace in Christ and to combat the errors of legalism and false religion.

Our Motto: Truth needs no other foundation than honest investigation under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a willingness to follow truth when it is discovered. "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

Our Message: "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast." Ephesians 2:8,9

Our Method: Write, publish and sell well-researched books written by former Seventh-day Adventist theologians and pastors providing accurate information on the doctrine and practice of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our Mandate: There are approximately 470,000 members who leave the Seventh-day Adventist every year. Many of these people have a very difficult time transitioning into other Christian churches. They have been taught that once they accepted the Testimonies of Ellen White and the seventh-day Sabbath and then gave them up, they would lose their salvation. Note the following quotes from Ellen White whom Adventists still consider to be an authoritative "source" of truth, inspired on the same level as the Old Testament prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah:

"It is Satan's plan to weaken the faith of God’s people in the Testimonies [writings of Ellen White] . Next follows skepticism in regard to the vital points of our faith, the pillars of our position, then doubt as to the Holy Scriptures, and then the downward march to perdition. When the Testimonies, which were once believed, are doubted and given up, Satan knows the deceived ones will not stop at this; and he redoubles his efforts till he launches them into open rebellion, which becomes incurable and ends in destruction.” Ellen G. White, Testimonies to the Church, Vol. 4, p. 211.

“If you lose confidence in the Testimonies you will drift away from Bible truth.” Ellen G. White, Testimonies to the Church, Vol. 5, p. 98.

"Then I was shown a company who were howling in agony. On their garments was written in large characters, 'Thou art weighed in the balance, and found wanting.' I asked who this company were. The angel said, 'these are they who have once kept the Sabbath and have given it up.'" Ellen G. White, Early Writings, p. 37.

"God will never, never allow any man to pass through the pearly gates of the city of God who does not bear the signet of the faithful, His government mark." [in context the signet mark is the Sabbath] Ellen G. White, Medical Ministry, p. 123.

"God will frown upon those who disregard his commandments and he cannot bless the church that retains Sabbath-breakers in its fellowship." Ellen G. White, Signs of the Times, 1890-06-02.

One can see the intense, internal trauma that Adventists must face as they try to leave these cultic teachings of Ellen White.

Our Ministry: We have helped thousands of people transition out of Adventism, find the assurance of salvation in the righteousness of Christ alone, become grounded in the Word of God and find fellowship in healthy Christian churches.

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